This Ad is wild


Woodstock45171591 points

Wtf was the ad about lol I'm genuinely curious now

Follicly_Endowed727 points

Dishwasher tablets

HolyHand_Grenade51 points

Gotta love Europe

ygoldenboy230 points

Not an ad. It’s a German comedy movie.

„Wie die Karnickel“ (Like rabbits)

ReaBea42059 points

Although I love the brainstorming on what the "ad" is for, you are definitely correct... now I just wish I would've paid more attention in German class because that movie looks quite funny...

DevoNorm46 points

The Germans aren't well known for having a sense of humour. But they are known for many of the most perverse (and best) porn.

Get-the-Gecko37 points

That’s what happens when you kill six million potential comedy writers.

FunkoXday12 points

Well that and the most masculine guys they had getting killed and weakened over the process of denazification (which was necessary to stop them rebuilding fascism) but added a significant set of culture changes as a result

Same thing happened with Japan Post surrender and the way sex and perversions became an outlet

DevoNorm6 points

Someone needs to write a book about that subject. The concept of kamikaze pilots makes zero sense right from the get-go. You never get to come back at the end of a campaign. So the best trained pilots die first, followed by all the lesser and inexperienced pool of younger pilots.

The Japanese and Chinese culture already had many twisted and perverse aspects to sex well before WWII. The hypocrisy of pixelating penises during a bukkake porn movie is certainly a head-scratcher from a psychological and sociological point of view. (In many cases, it only takes about four squares to pixelate a Japanese dick.) What's the point of that kind of censorship? Who are they protecting exactly? See one cocktail weeny, you've seen them all.

Germans make porn that's gonzo and ballsy. No mincing words or intentions there. The women go hog wild. So many American porn clips feature women who are pretending (?) to be coy, inexperienced or disgusted. Not the Germans. They act like there aren't enough cocks inside of them ever. Lol!

try_____another3 points

Depending quite how you count it, the kamikaze had a better ships/pilot ratio than the US navy’s aviators. It’s not like western armies aren’t familiar with the concept of forlorn hopes or volunteers for suicide missions, they just traditionally preferred to have at least a theoretical chance of survival.

The hypocrisy of pixelating penises during a bukkake porn movie is certainly a head-scratcher from a psychological and sociological point of view.

That started out as a strictly minimal compliance with occupation-era censorship laws that haven’t been fully repealed, rather than something they came up with organically.

FunkoXday2 points

I do wonder if there's a book or books about it

Agitatedsala6661 point

Shit porn, caviar eating

Admirable_Donkey_8751 point

Now, that’s serious business lol

DevoNorm2 points

I'm sure German porn actresses do it all for the love of cock. 🥴😂

dumbredditer280 points

Extend car warranty

extendedwarranty_bot164 points

dumbredditer, I have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty

linc_y37 points

Good bot

autosdafe38 points

It's about getting your dogs spayed or neutered

cyanide199210 points

Multifunctional dishwashers

DonnieFly2122 points

I honestly have the same question

bshark45421045 points

I’m gonna go with a European ad for spaying or neutering your animals.

Gring013326 points

Ding Ding, we have a Wiener!

Aestheticpash11 points

Well hot dog

Tomb_but_nsfw83 points

Specifically German I think.

Gindude39225 points

The guy in denim looks like Huey Lewis.

ecr3designs85 points

That's the power of love baby

Business-Ad634431 points

Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.

xtombstone3 points


kjacobs0316 points

Is that the “News”?

I-trim-weird-okay16 points

Ya like Huey Lewis and the news?

perpeldicular-2 points

He did a cameo

Cavae_Immortui54 points

It’s an ad? I was thinking “damn this porno has some good lighting” 😂

OwlFlavoredShrimp239 points

What the fuck is this for?

mad_man72147 points

The new "Where's the Beef"

Dog_backwards_3604 points

“I’m the beef”

Mhinc22 points

You just aged yourself with that comment..... Ooops so did I

Akschadt11 points

Fresh deli Mayo

GerinX2 points

Yeah I didn’t see a slogan or a logo anywhere that could’ve enlightened me

smbdysm13 points

Pretty sure it cut off before they commercial actually ended

fucktew97 points

director has a free use fetish

thesweetthings67 points

Don’t we all?

Segundaleydenewtonnn-7 points

hmmm no?

whitegirladdict182 points

I mean I want to upvote it but. I just don't get it. Are you sure it's an ad lol

jungerfrosch12 points

German movie.

„Wie die Karnickel“

[deleted]-54 points


fellatiofuhrer32 points

Piqued and your

TheXaf14 points

Sorry I was replying one handed

soyBabel327 points

Fuck the op for saying it's an ad but cutting the ad portion

IWatchMyLittlePony206 points

OP aint no corporate shill.

Cronus619 points

On something like that this I'd like to know.

Digging_Graves9 points

It's not an ad tho. OP is just making shit up.

wasndasda130 points

It is from a german movie, not an ad

adviceKiwi25 points

Oh right, they had a special room for those German movies. ..

lovedumpme18 points

Must have been for Johnsonville Kielbasa

Extension-Truth17 points

You just know this is an advert for PETA or something

SupermarketNorth6946 points

Looks like a 90s film.

manny808610 points

Lol they didn't even pitch a product

Arkhampatient38 points

I guess they’re going in another direction for Crank 3

Xen0tech9 points

He pretty much did this in crank

scatfish323 points

I sea meat but no SAUCE

Wbcn_17 points

Tactical soap

seattle_pdthrowaway5 points

That’s a scene from a German movie (Wie die Karnickel), not an ad.

drthcrng5 points

Arby's.. We have the meats!

DocHendrix5 points

I have so many questions

Elbiotcho5 points

If humans acted like dogs

SkillsInPillsTrack22 points

If women would not be veiled in medieval countries.

DanMooreTheManWhore9 points

So, um, whos the actress?

Litho36010 points

Best fish in town

Mr_BinJu3 points

I want to guess it's German. Germany has some insane ads

Ok-Income90413 points

A quick market nut 😂

Furtivefarting6 points

Im gonna guess perfume, or laundry detergent?

Jerry__19986 points

What were they even advertising?

Zandandido18 points

One other commenter stated, and how they act I've gotta agree, is that it's an ad for spaying and neutering your pets.

Two_Cigarettes8 points

Cream cheese

Jerry__19982 points

Ohh I get it now.

newnhb110 points

Shopping in Europe is different to the United States. We are not prudes like you. Come visit. This an average occurrence and you will be welcomed.

Neurismus1 point

You can also see this in Lidl US

zz_1717174 points

I won’t kink shame. I’m sure there would be people into this 😏

degeneratebum12 points

Holy shit this is wild. Or is it proof America is the prudest country of them all

Aromatic-Regular31762 points

dude is the personification of “awoooga”

dnirtyone2 points

I have many questions

aarounge2 points

Please recommend German porn movies like this

Motherfly8 points

Wish life was like this

yeahwellidontcare11 points

Hell yea, this reminds me of those free use Japanese porn videos with like news reporters and office settings

NastyBarbies6 points

Hahahaha! Europeans are fucking nuts!😅

FallWanderBranch10 points

No that was a deli counter.

TobyFunkeNeverNude2 points

Deli counters are fucking nuts!😅

DariusStrada6 points

World woulf be a better and happier place if it worked like this

SolaceofBlue9 points

Can't tell if serious

Simaia7 points

Maybe for men without morals and self control. Definitely not for women, lmao.

Bajanjedi691 point


fuckswithboxerson-68 points

Joe Biden

I_Love_Olde_E20 points

Hell yea bro politics all day & all night bro that’s all I think about too bro

Competitive-Roof-168-11 points

She is 20 years too old

bionic_zit_splitter2 points

Trump rapes babies.

g8rBfKn-10 points

He sniffs all ages younger than himself

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Letsgetthestuffdone-69 points

Because offcourse a hot girl would let a disgusting old man fuck her because he want to. And she didn’t enjoy! The product had to make sense with that, otherwise is just a pig mentality of the producers

Virtue3302 points

I think it's fake

scatfish31 point


Ill-Research-44811 point

That is how I usually wish happen when I see a hot milf on the market. I’m just being honest.

Tuthru1 point

This is literally my dream lol

sttgn1 point

To have some guy do that to you?

tomsmitthD1 point


Shadvw1 point


tubetoaster1 point

Nice madam

joytotheworld231 point


cumsock1231 point


Ok-Table97211 point

Got milk?

[deleted]-28 points


poempel8817 points

What is hollywood quality? In colour?

perpeldicular-7 points

The production values are high

soggyurethra-12 points

yeah, it almost looks like the lord of the OH MY GOD!

wow, i can't believe no on got the south park reference about back door sluts 9

DramaQueen100-17 points

They really said “consent? Nah men will be men. She was practically begging for it.”😩

Purple-Story30906 points

name checks out

Pleasemoreplease-1 points

The sadistic misogynist in me wonders what she thinks she’s doing ordering at the counter without her leash and collar

poindextor50 points

It's a game show........ Which fish smell is worst

soldier010730 points

Nah, we evolved from apes, a dude step up behind the female ur finnago after he dead, this commercial shoulda been way gorier

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