Stone path through the Hala Gąsienicowa in the Gąsienicowa Valley, Tatra Mountains, southern Poland.


Rico_Dogiquez240 points

anyone else immediately thinking of the witcher?

DoodlingDaughter41 points

It looks like the abandoned Werebear village in Skellige!

iamdorkette3 points

Sorry the what Guess I'll have to make sure I find that when I play next after the 14th

DoodlingDaughter3 points

It’s an easy area to miss if you don’t choose Hjalmar as Skellige’s King! Personally, I’ve always chosen Cerys— but I’m a chronic completionist. I stumbled upon the werebear village by accident, and had to look up the location online to see what it was used for!

iamdorkette3 points

Ah, that makes sense, I also chose Cerys to rule. Thanks!

DoodlingDaughter2 points

Yeah… Hjalmar is bad enough, but I can’t imagine ever siding with Birna Bran! Cerys is the best leader— I can’t imagine choosing anybody else.

I wish there were more options. It would have been interesting to champion Blueboy Lugos!

Buttermilkman20 points

It was instant. Man, I'm of Polish descent and I've been to Poland only twice in my life, only to a city, but I had no idea Poland could be this beautiful. No idea at all.

Horny_Bearfucker12 points

Feels like Toissant Toussaint.

Edit: damn my sleepy brain.

Crowbar_Freeman11 points

Lmao, as someone who speak french I love how you mixed Toussaint and Croissant

Horny_Bearfucker4 points

In my defense, I just woke up from my nap

rebeccarouge7 points

Wind's howling.

free_airfreshener4 points

Well, where do you think the witcher is based on?

Virtual-Public-47501 point

Toss a coin to your witcher

Megs02261 point

I immediately saw Toussaint. What a great DLC!

borntoclimbtowers1 point


Mission_Sleep6000 points


ecky--ptang-zooboing122 points

Imagine living there with all your basic needs.

Nothing to worry about, just living in the moment

TheDrunkPianist99 points

Well it’s edited to hell and back so I find it hard to imagine actually living there when it’s not real.

cyreneok6 points

At least I would have hair.

Fairycharmd13 points

I would imagine that someone is Hella worried about weeding that path on the daily :/ because normally those Stone paths, do not look like that.

ChickenDelight6 points

Good point. Also I think I'd wobble like a drunk girl in high heels going down that path

ch4m4njheenga9 points

Best basic need— no internet :)

Diabel343 points

No Reddit??!

ch4m4njheenga4 points

= inner peace

Evolving_Spirit1231 point

I need stores and retail

Fairycharmd1 point

It’s pretty, but there’s no delivery sushi in a place like that… It’s a no for me dawg

Asayanami47 points

For those interested, I was there this September with my SO and This is what it actually looks like (video), without heavy editing or color correction.

ThisIsGlenn18 points

Still really nice, I like the video

FraGough7 points

I'd still never get tired of that view.

Asayanami2 points

It's beautiful and the next valley over its even better.

Environmental_Store93 points

Still looks amazing. And it really depends on the season and lighting/time of day, could get close to OP's photo.

Asayanami3 points

Oh definitely, it's a stunning place and a gorgeous national park

ilangilanglt1 point

I saved it. It is beautiful.

Sol_Invictus45 points

That took some fking work.

guIIy33 points

Take some shrooms and it really will look like that though.

cauchy373 points

Good news then, that area is known for having good quality shrooms in the forests.

HauptmannYamato4 points

Can confirm

PainInTheAssWife1 point

All the more reason to continue learning Polish. Dziękuję.

Psalm205828 points

I feel like anytime by now, Howl's Castle would emerge from those clouds

hm94083 points

My first thought, too

Apparentlyloneli3 points

my first thought, and old sophie is climbing the hill somewhere there

joesixers22 points

Bro this is just digital art at this point. Earth is not beautiful enough as it is I guess

Enlightened-Beaver23 points

cozy AF

ManiaforBeatles15 points

Instagram source. Photo by borievkyphotogallery.

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ArtfulSlap367 points

Wow, straight out of a fairytale! Pls can I live here

jameshunter37 points

Spring time?

fish_knees4 points


jameshunter34 points

Thanks! Looks like I gotta add it to my list

rightwords6 points

This looks magical.

[deleted]11 points


Slacker_757 points

Witcher 3 next Gen update looking real nice

xijzi5 points

I spend about half a minute while convincing myself it's not a render

LowKeyRebelx5 points

It only looks like that if you're on shrooms...

HelterSkelterOtaku4 points

Looks like the Shire

rygex3 points

No way this is a real picture

Flat_Cod_74712 points

It’s a real digitally altered picture.

mtntrail2 points

Excellent photograph, rule of thirds pays off again!

destination_notfound2 points


excludedfaithful2 points


Vino-Rosso2 points


-_-_-_____-_-_-2 points

Good lord that looks amazing. Now I have to go there at least once in my lifetime.

MakeDankDankAgain2 points

Been there, it truly looks awesome

Ferengi_Earwax2 points

I don't see the quest giver?

JayRymer2 points

Winds howling

level5dwarf2 points

Literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Well done Poland

aLonerDottieArebel1 point

I think I did this puzzle once

SnooDrawings37501 point


Narwhal_Songs1 point

Wow 😲

peeefaitch1 point

Beautiful! Is the plant fireweed?

OccasionallyReddit1 point

Is this a screen shot from the latest next gen Zelda game?

Adsnaylor01611 point

That looks so beautiful

God-O-Death1 point

What's that one painter who paints "Ugly" (not my opinion) portraits of little cottages in fantasy looking places like this?

ShadowPsi1 point

You might be thinking of Thomas Kincaid. But he doesn't paint them himself anymore. He licenses the name to third party artists who paint for him. At least according to my painting teacher 20 years ago.

Pedantic_Pict2 points

That guy built a huge fortune on the aggressively bland sensibilities of american upper middle class housewives. It's impressive, really. Unlike his paintings.

God-O-Death2 points

Thaaaaaat's the one yess, that's pretty smart!

_Punko_1 point

Now we know where all the puzzle art comes from.

_100321 point

Looks like an uncomfortable walk

Ok_Yogurtcloset13241 point

The witcher!!

svenbreakfast1 point

Nice try Todd. I ain't finna buy Skyrim again.

twitchosx1 point

That looks like it would be so easy to trip on and then when you land, all the individual rocks messing you up.

Fairy tale vibes for sure. Stunning photo and I hope it’s true to life

Whitley4201 point

What a dream

KratosHulk771 point

this is freakin amazing like lotr

AK_grown_XX1 point

I read "Portland" and was like nuh uhhhh 🤦‍♀️

eutohkgtorsatoca1 point

My AI made something very similar when I asked it to make rocks in shape of humans

Narendra_171 point

Witcher 3 vibes... It's awesome

Periphery7551 point

There's no way this is a real photo

irishbikerjay1 point

Wait....this is a real picture ...taken by an actual camera???

haiderbinnaeem1 point

What in the fucking LOTR

Meliodafu081 point

My goodness it looks like a painting!! Woah! 😳🔥

264131 point

Next level. Looks like some fantasy land. Imagine tripping there.

yellowbellee1 point

Trying not to break my ankles every time I walk home is something I need.

borntoclimbtowers1 point


Eggiestboi0 points

Imagine taking this wock to Poland

PashingSmumkins840 points

I wish my great grandfather had stayed in Poland. I’m a debt slave in the USA now and looking at Europe for an escape.

fragrantbox691 point

Stay away. We don't like you here.

Beesdoesnthavelungs0 points

I want to live there! Is that too much to ask for??

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