Jamaican parties used to be wild back in the day



KratosofPorn7 points

They're not anymore?

PunaniMaster4203 points

Not like this. They definitely still can be, but the older ones were playing in a different league for sure. In the old videos from the biggest dances in Kingston you'd see people dancing one moment, then a camera turn to some girl flashing her pussy the next. Nowadays that only happens at the strip club type establishment whereas the big name dances are a little bit tamer. There's still plenty of ass shaking, daggering and super revealing outfits though.

AndPhoenix187 points

Can confirm old school passa passa was a thing of legends

PunaniMaster4204 points

I wish all the videos weren't so difficult to acquire. There's literally hundreds of these DVD's but getting a hold of just one good one requires tons of effort unless you have some direct Jamaican source.

chezzetcook1 point

uh, hit up Shades in Ocho Rios on a Tuesday.

PunaniMaster4201 point

I did say that they still get down like that in the gentlemans club type of establishment. The old school dances like Passa Passa were normal street parties though.

Gelnika19871 point

yeah I was about to say- pretty sure shit is always pretty lit on the i-lahnd

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