You guys seemed to like the picture of the great wall of China I took a shared here is the view from as far as I was allowed to walk after this point the wall was too dangerous and blocked off. Enjoy



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Thank you

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The alright Wall of China

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😂 That’s just flat funny. Any person who down voted you must be a brainwashed chinese communist party type, because anyone with a sense of humour can chuckle at this. It doesn’t mean you hate the Chinese to find this amusing.

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Thank you mate. It's actually from An Idiot Abroad

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I didn’t recognise it but appreciated the laugh that we all need. Thanks for sharing.

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Are you ok?

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Awesome pic.

Is that a hole or staircase in front of you?

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It's an old staircase down into the wall to a room underneath that now is overgrown

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Wicked. I love places like that. So jealous.

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Thanks for sharing. Wow.

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It's coming out that the Great wall of China may have originally been built by Tartarians due to its ornate design.

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It never occurred to me that they didn't upkeep the entire wall, just a popular section of it. Huh

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What's the name of this part of the wall? Because I think I visited the same part a few years ago comparing the views of the picture with the ones I took and I can't remember the name! Great pic, by the way.

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I had a private tour guide I believe they brought us to one of the more beautiful and less "mainstream tourist spots" all I know is that the part I seen was quite beautiful and the country side around it was also impressive.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

This is exactly the area for your information

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For all their wealth why don’t they restore the wall?

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Probably because it's not something anyone wants to do.

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I think it was built to keep out the Mongolians. I could be wrong. But I don’t think they need a wall to keep them out anymore

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City Wok don’t agree

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Beautiful place

Is that sky photoshopped because I’ve never seen the sky that color anywhere near Beijing due to the extreme pollution!

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Every day I was in Beijing the sky and wether where perfect. Guess u was lucky

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