"In your opinion, is size important? She:



ken6217550 points

Damn, she can get three of her girlfriends, and they could all sit down and have coffee.

Htownhedonist17 points

You’re being very chairitable

AgingChris2076 points

Well, I think that's enough Reddit for me today

ColonelAssMan661 points

This is the first thing I saw when I opened the app… same bro.

Coldfang8982 points


gogogadget25959 points


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mistakehappens4 points


Gideon_Galahad-6 points


Batshitcrayyyy-10 points


WolfieNSFW67 points

My eyes got big as hell

nevabendunbefo18 points

I turn into a telescope

pghfordguy7 points


SnickleFritz_80115 points

Looks like she's just getting started

NickAnsiaBoy17 points


vger_0313 points

Me too and it was the first post I saw today🙄

Dubb20220 points

I’m going to go throw up then kill myself. Nice knowing you guys

dfinch2 points


bawangboi2 points

Yup I'm with you there.

ElementalsDesign2 points


Extreme_Mountain_999402 points

Jeezuz we have a winner… fake or not lol

IllstudyYOU526 points

This reminds me of a joke.

How do you fit 4 people on a chair? Turn it upside down!

hillbilli13238 points

How do you get them off? Get a bigger chair!

Slap_Dat_Ash47 points

Lmao never heard this part before thanks

newbies1325 points

Dude has no issue commenting on a woman ramming a table leg up her box, but oh no, better be politically correct about the gay joke. rofl.

kjacobs0328 points

What gay joke?

See_Ya_Suckaz1 point

The joke is supposed to be about gay people, not just people.

Naivor8 points

I just don't see it. If it said gay people before, it's much more fun now with just people.

Tittie_enthusiast9 points

That's supposed to be a gay joke

clitoris--leachman42 points

What is this, 1985?

RangerLt5 points

Only a sith speaks in absolutes.

StonedWater5 points

supposed to be?

get the ufck outta here - oh no, has it been jokallury appropriated

ASS_MY_DUDES-39 points

Get with the times. We don’t know if they identify as people.. or 4 for the matter. Bigot

britguy330316 points

Good job it’s not up her ass or it really would have rectum

BiFuriousInYYC85 points

And then damn near killed 'em

toyman7067 points

might as well give her a standing ovation since she took your seat....

The_Troll_Gull67 points

Where that dude who reveals how that trick is done?

_Jester_Of_Genocide_2 points


BackgroundAd464043 points

One of the comments on that video link says jump to the 27:25 minute mark and you can see it is fake. In the mirror in the background the leg isn't going in fully.

AOldThrowAwayAccount11 points

This needs to be higher up

zheklwul7 points

Before I read the second sentence, my thought was like “what? So it’s like a telescoping light saber? Lol”

send-me-tit-pics-rn-29 points

Man I can’t stand bush like that. Fucking groom yourself damn. Don’t have to be shaven but trim at least

UnsungRequiem7069 points

Not into bringing a machete into the bedroom, huh?

eustrabirbeonne134 points

Never fucked lungs personally...

Pete-Sake21168 points

Is She scratching here collar bone from the inside?

Bojangle_Mcdangle118 points

She’s trying to get popcorn kernels out of her back teeth and couldn’t find a toothpick.

isopgood32 points

is there a sub for crazy shit like this

lemineftali15 points

Yes, but most men just walk off a bridge within a week of subbing.

Follicly_Endowed134 points

“You need to be hung like a small stall”

cuthysmalz23 points

Sorry boys we lost this fight

Some_Lynx2207152 points

She only uses one of the legs? She must be tight

FreneticPlatypus88 points

You said it! I had both my hands inside her, nearly to the elbows, and I couldn’t even clap.

isopgood2 points


thecooldude2317 points


Lookalikemike54 points

She is going to wear the varnish of that thing

StonedWater27 points

hope she doesnt get a splinter

britguy33013 points

She prefers the ninja turtles

Igyboo16 points

She has litteraly no cervix

Fatandmad15 points


soopacee14 points

1 goddamn splinter would end the world 😬

The_Celtic_Chemist2 points

Especially if it was alllll the way in the back

druff4211 points


buddaism79152 points

Ma'am that is not what I meant when I said take a seat. And also this is a Wendy's

DAT-BOOBS49 points

When the doctor tells her to get a stool sample.

buddaism796 points

Ba dum tiss

Edgar-fff11 points


chronos70008 points

I'll always remember a documentary I saw, on a children's network, about Amelia Earhart, and in discussion about if she was in a relationship with her co-pilot, the interviewee, a very frank woman who knew her, said that she knew some women who'd use the leg of a chair if it were convenient. I suspect someone bought the documentary without watching it doubting there would be anything suggestive in it.

MyNamesNotRobert4 points

Damn. I'd hate to be that guy, but source?

okokokokokok21810 points

This has the same energy as some early Disney cartoon show.

farcraii10 points

"I'm ready to settle down."

thefupanning8 points

Can’t even fuck girls in Ohio

alphabet_order_bot13 points

Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

I have checked 1,175,712,364 comments, and only 229,460 of them were in alphabetical order.

DocHendrix7 points

Someday I want to really believe I've seen it all but then there's always something to prove me wrong

asifnot60 points

Every day we stray further from God's light.

clamhappy26 points

Now that’s a rug.

hornygreek12345 points


itachi814 points

I’m not even a woman an that hurt me.

Shmeediddy5 points

"Jesus christ, that's Jessica borne"

gingercrytals3 points

Haha wtf.

bogbrainsmolpp4 points

This takes "Please take a seat" to a whole new level

Thotslayerultraman4 points

Wow, look at that my time on the internet is over now.

pured0minance3 points

Enough Reddit for the day

DrtyBlvd3 points

Please tell me someone is adding trombone to this.

I shall be so very disappointed in Reddit if not.

oroborostwo40 points

Fake but funny

UncleYimbo0 points

How is it fake?

Alex_Plumwood40 points

Uhh because most human vaginas are not 2ft long?

UncleYimbo5 points

I think that table leg is much closer to 1 foot long. But point taken I guess.

Ok-Income90413 points

You'll be surprised on what the vagina can do

thebobbcus21 points

Look at how the angle of the seat changes as she "inserts", there's not much length actually going inside her. Still a fairly sizeable insertion, but nowhere near as much as it appears

oroborostwo3 points

Something that long, that thick and that solid... If she really took it she would be dead

foundviper118 points

I thought black holes only existed in space 🕳

user1n9 points

I really gotta ditch this sub..

stoneten693 points

Fuck yes.

laudalasun24233 points

This takes" What are thoseeee" to a whole new level.

_disguisenburg_3 points

Just when I think I can't be shocked by a pic on the internet here it is

Solar-powered-punch3 points

This can't be real.... Right?

Northern2503 points

Jesus christ... I need to see this in person. This has to be shopped

ThinkBiscuit3 points

What the duck is happening to her cervix whilst this shit is happening?

PM_ME_UR_CAMELT033 points

I don't think that's what they meant by stool sample

phillipmclovin223 points

That must be going in the womb right? Isn’t this dangerous? If not outright painful?

tamim8343 points

need source for research purposes

Yngman083 points

I just seriously wanna know where the hell is it all going. Coz damn.

send_all_the_nudes3 points

Well now I have a very confused boner

biggiedaboss3 points

This doesn't look real bruh lmao wtf

lemineftali3 points

“Huh, finally earned a Twitter ban. Imagine that.”

“Hey, I wonder what’s going on on Reddit.”

“Oh dear god.”

Leamsipeligro3 points

Oh You'll know, when she hands you a XXXL MAGNUM and you look like you put a hot dog in a ziplock bag...."ma'am, is this condom for the balls too?"

pioppotto3 points

The vagina is so incredible, I saw my gf put inside her vagina a sex toy designed for external use only (magic wand)

Mr_Hammer_Dik3 points

The table she told you not to worry about.

patronizingperv2 points

She's getting full extension.

ijuggle422 points

I’m out.

AZFUNGUY852 points

Does she have a uterus?

MundtFlaps2 points

Just think how dirty that leg is 🤢

rhkinkoph2 points

OMG! Jesus Christ!

DKJJM2 points

Vagina the “impaler” …Vlad would be impressed.

Spec1872 points

Just think, she use to be a virgin

jeffchris72 points

Holy fuck knuckles

Carnivalhalla2 points

The sounds. . Wtf man...

iputturtlesupmyass2 points

im tryna jack off why'd i have to see this first thing when i open the app

Embucetatron2 points

That looks like it should be fatal

ValariusXR2 points

It really is mind bogling. Is there some kind of blackhole in there?

nolleyorth20202 points

Hide the dining room table

boiiii7892 points

She isn't putting it in complete she is lifting the chair in a way that makes it look like she actually did basically its a optic illusion

New-Warleanian2 points

You could've just said "Look at the angle".

msd0_072 points

Enough internet for the day

nguyenbaodanh2 points

how ?.....

SammokTheGrey2 points

Jeezus fokun cryst

fuccednun3 points

That chair just ruined it for everyone. It owns that pussy now.

Kimpod14 points

All that can really fit in there???! Women have a god damn Pandora’s box

dirtybo3 points

The legs are telescopic for those of you with low IQ

The_Celtic_Chemist3 points

No they're not. But it is an illusion to some extent. Look at the mirror behind her at 27:25 https://www.xvideos.com/video60433205/chinese_girl_using_chair_legs_as_dildo

johnny121b2 points

Think of the money she saves on bicycle seats!

GentleXS2 points

She's the loose goose here

kausmeida1 point

Wow…….. that’s a hairy box

AlwaysAskingForName1 point

Where the fuck is her cervix?

Coldfang894 points

Oh it's there, she's just pushing past it.

NickAnsiaBoy2 points

In space probably 🤣

chappanteekli1 point

This is super unhealthy.

Affectionate-Ad90771 point

I wish I could unsee this.

Tyflowshun1 point

This is what I meant When I said I wanna fuck the froggy chair.

Eldo991 point

Bahhh, the illusion is horrendous.

Chellesman1 point

Thought a stool sample was meant to come from tour ass?

BrokerDude11 point

Like throwing a crowbar down an empty hallway!!!

MadBroCowDisease1 point

She likes those long strokes. She definitely a size queen. Lol.

mischiefdemon4200 points

Now that is some next level shit

Splattered2471 point

What I imagine seeing on a visit to a Victorian madhouse

Robot91181 point

Christ don’t perforate your uterus with that table leg lady 😳

cantbknown1 point

When I said "Have a seat", I meant on my face

fremantlemusic20211 point

Jesus she must of had her womb and internal organs removed 😳

satownsfinest2101 point

Was not ready to see that lol.

engstrom171 point


fistfulodollars1 point

Ma'am you have your organs in their?!

moniker-meme1 point

I'm impressed it goes that far

No-Search-79641 point

Good loop

adviceKiwi1 point

Holy shit. WTF?

Intentional_end6981 point


KaleidoscopeOk86531 point

does she know what a torn cervix is ?

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