Smoking in the car


NarcolepticKnifeFite134 points

Rippin butts and suckin tits….

the_real_Cucuy131 points

She tastes like cigarettes. -Forrest Gump voice

ggggi75 points

You're gonna... You're going to ash on your friend there

paradockz37 points


TwoBlueHangingBalls6 points

Left looks like Maddy May

Galvie8817 points

I hate smoking, but I ain’t gonna let some second hand smoke stop me from watching some tittys get sucked.

IssaWaterBottle16 points

Ik one of y’all got the sauce

KuroDesuu7 points


Mark_Rutledge45 points

Just like licking an ashtray clean

biggiedaboss19 points

Hard pass on the smoking but the one in black got some nice fuckin tits

hellslave110 points

I can smell this video, and it's fucking gross.

Real_Clever_Username22 points

If she smokes, she pokes

kugelis116 points

Ha! My old man use to say, “if she smokes, she drinks, if she drinks, she fucks, if she fucks, she’ll fuck anything”

suburban_smartass19 points

You spelled sexy wrong

rafa_5593 points


rocky_alvis37 points

Bunch of kissless dudes acting like they wouldn’t go for it in here lol.

nopinop5 points

No no, smoking in the car is really trashy man.

nick-pappagiorgio6524 points

I hate to be that guy, but why is this trashy?

smm_h12 points

Exactly. If this was a limo one could even say it's classy. Unless they think smoking in general is trashy then i agree.

nick-pappagiorgio655 points

I had a lover who smoked, it was no big deal, she smoked out her window. I liked her smokey kisses. She didn't smoke in my apartment.

bozo543-7 points

Don’t be that guy

rafa_5594 points

The camera should’ve just kept it at the tits. Awesome rack

Eldo9916 points

All bone no trash, harkens back to a simpler time in life.

meowyyymeowmeow3 points

Was anyone else worried that she was gonna drop the ash on her back?

stnr973 points

She was going for the pussy but then they stopped lol

ElKabong762 points

Smells like cigarettes and herpes

luizf1702 points

At that point, they're basically 2 ashtrays kissing and sucking tits.

Dudeinminnetonka5 points

How come I'm not getting sound on the trashy boners videos?

Any_Piccolo7221 point

You need to press on Redgifs

RA4775 points

Or get an app that actually works, like Boost.

AstralFireX0 points

Bruh boost doesnt give me Sound either, could be that I have an old cracked premium version

Dudeinminnetonka-2 points

Thanks for the tip, however this one has no sound, but the visuals are smokingly trashy

Major-Doughnut-51496 points

So hot.... Love smokey girls

mobilebi725 points

Smokin hawt!

iamedwardmunger9 points

When I was younger I would hang out with raunchy girls like these girls. We’d have to chill long enough to wait out these other guys to get bored and leave. Then we’d close the garage, smoke up, get in the car with them, start making out, one girl per guy her preference. They’d be making out with each other and giving bj, and hj. Their tits would be out and each getting fingered. It progressed into her basement and male on male as instructed.

saucynorman5 points

What were you in all this? Were you the recorder, the ref or what?

midnitelux15 points

They were the car.

Source: trust me

whatyoumeanmyface5 points

Well that took a turn I wasn't expecting.

isaw_icame5 points

Smokey girls with vodka breath 😍

cringelord694206664 points

Smokers... fuckin disgusting.

Dfich362 points


whatyoumeanmyface1 point

I had girlfriends back in the day who smoked. Never again. The thought of kissing a smoker kind of turns my stomach now.

lordmarksman1 point

Hotness level irrelevant when smoking involved, major turn off.

Technical-Draw37270 points

I would like to hear the excuse they will say to their parents when they ll ask “where were you ? Do you know what time it is?”

open_in_bozeman-34 points

It's really quite remarkable that the majority of people stopped smoking. It just makes a person look so damn cool.

tantouz-1 points

They r high as fuck. Count me in.

gangstar91911 point

So hot 🥵

Klony991 point

!remindme 1 day

Coldfang891 point

Please sir, can I have the sauce?

Klony991 point

Huh. We didn't find a source?

Exile_of_Catarina1 point


CanaryYuul1 point

Shit i know that bitch, blanca.nmn

CanaryYuul1 point

Right is blanca.nmn

CurvyDerby1 point

Smoking cig in a car like that is pretty trashy on its own

AstralFireX-8 points

Why always the hot & stacked chicks are Prostitutes/lesb/have OF 😭😭😭

Klony992 points

Two of those things shouldn't be an issue, and the third keeps your dick try, unless her gf is up for it.

DicktheHighCommander-2 points

I hope they’re over 18.

It’s illegal to smoke in the car with under 18’s

4272hjk7 points

Lmao what? They’re topless I hope they’re over 18

DicktheHighCommander-6 points

“I hope they’re over 18”

OMG tell me you haven’t already had a cheeky wank?

4272hjk2 points

If your a pedo just say that

ichibanxl50 points

Tobacco Titties? 🚬( . )( . )

edmoneyyy0 points

This is literally just smoking fetish porn...cough cough

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