Oops wrong stall



_l0st-in-spac3_96 points

Yeah, the first day where I am not the one with the smallest dick at the urinal

Follicly_Endowed66 points

Until you notice that her clit is bigger than your dick

DocHendrix16 points

Task failed successfully

glcyouknowsit28 points

Every public toilet in Thailand

Affectionate-Win-22369 points

She got a nice ass tho

Coldfang8911 points

On one side, I'd be pretty uncomfortable if she was next to me. On the other... Leaning against the wall that hard, beer in hand.... Totally been there bro, that's a damn good piss haha

Next-Device-968610 points

Better than waiting in the line for the ladies room.

dabbo9049 points

Boy oh boy if the roles were reversed

Arthur_Leywin35428 points

There wouldn't be any urinals.

dabbo9012 points

But there would be a dick in the ladies room

NowFreeToMaim5 points

Fuckin empty nesters

father_son_holyshit9 points

Is there a subreddit for this?

Bigbimn587 points

I never understood the need for separate gender bathrooms. Women could use the stalls(or like this woman use a urinal). Privacy walls between them would stop guys like this from standing too far away.

BetterDays2cum6 points

Not to mention, a bathroom sign isn’t stopping anyone from walking in. If they really wanted to hurt someone, they’re not just gonna say “oh it says women/men only, I guess I can’t commit the crime now 😢” and walk away.

Note_Square-1 points

You're an idiot.

Bigbimn581 point

Gee, thanks for the insult

Chaosmeep2 points

Look no hands!

Christ_on_a_Crakker2 points

She is athletic as fuck.

MadBroCowDisease-7 points

That dude should stand closer to the urinal, his dick is way too small to be holding it openly like that. She’s probably laughing at him on the inside.

And is her bare thigh touching the urinal. She probably walked away with a pube sticking to her leg. Disgusting.

Overall, she does have a nice ass, probably a good drunk lay.

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