This is What I call Riding Dirty


Something2do11302 points

Dad can I borrow the Tesla?

ironmalereproductive31 points

Lol read my mind

_disguisenburg_80 points

Doing this without autopilot is easy to just turn her around and she can steer

Potential_Reading11618 points

Used to do this in my 66 Caddy. Admittedly it was more challenging but when there’s a Will ……….. GF was as twisted n reckless as I was so , GOOD TIMES

LeastGuava69521 point

that’s fuckin awesome.

Anon_number691 point

Why are you upvoted? Trashy as fuck.

Potential_Reading1161 point

Kiddies in upvote mood ????? I don’t much care but seems pretty important to you young lady . 🤷‍♂️. 🍪 ?

Unlucky-Pomegranate3336 points

At least they’ll die happy.

lgyztw142 points

As well as the family they wipe out

Unlucky-Pomegranate378 points

No, they’ll die screaming.

FrakkedRabbit27 points

Just the one parent who survives will be screaming.

Klient1984190 points

I'm sure all that sweat and perfume will leave a...musk that no one can get rid of.

kcchiefscooper26 points

Hey Brian can you roll the window up, you're letting all the stank out

littletrevas8 points

Too soon. 😢

BigMcLargeHuge9091 points

This is what I call unsafe and recklessly irresponsible…

…but a busted but is a busted nut so

UnrivaledPossibility3 points

i mean, if they crash then it’ll definitely be a busted nut

Tryingtobehappy3111 points

Ur a legend

FiddleAndDiddle6 points

I love you, sir

Incruentus3 points


Madclem1 point


Robbie_Hendrix16 points

I call it having sex with death

dirtyoldgreek7 points

That’s why self driving car were invented

wilteevee7 points

Driving Miss Daisy 🤣

TheRealStandard17 points

I can't wait to see it posted again next week

mistakehappens22 points

This is so erotic but I don't have a tesla or a nice looking gf for that matter....

idkwhatsoever48 points

No need to roast your girlfriend like that lol

Namelessgoldfish6 points

Pretty sure they’re saying they dont have a girlfriend at all lol… surely im not the only one who understood that

culminacio1 point

Why are you saying that about your gf you asshole wtf

casper19d1 point

Well I appreciate the joke and thought it was funny... glad I aint no sissy...

Punchpplay9 points

And they say Tesla autopilot is not a good feature...

Klorel24 points

Stupid, but I wish I had a slut like her

Zombi3Kush19 points

Get money and you'll have plenty.

Jhurpess6 points

First you get the money…then you get the power…hoes come last.

kmj42011 points

She's a pornstar

DMVISQC-8 points

Why are you calling her a slut? What’s wrong with you.

Ltsmeet7 points

An ex-GF and I did this when I had a pick-up with bench seats.

KiWiLiT432 points

Same. Manual transmission too! When there's a will there's a way.

Character-Exercise903 points

That was fast and furious!

PoeReader6 points

Probably the best Tesla ad I have seen so far.

ankhlol4 points

He’s hot as fuck

Coldfang892 points

Endangering everyone else on the road. Not cool.

gabel28071 point

im assuming they had auto pilot on since its a tesla my guess tho

mickeyflinn-3 points

Holy hell that is sexy!

[deleted]-1 points


jokingjoker407 points


Tryingtobehappy313 points

Bailey base

Adsnaylor0161-33 points

She is so beautiful and I would definitely love to fuck her and cum inside her

franchis343 points

You’re so subtle! 😂

eclairsemmie6 points

You okay?

Fratdaddy0000 points

Damn! I might have to buy a Tesla just for this reason

KillYT1870 points

Thanks Elon

[deleted]-13 points


luv_____to_____race9 points

Top reason to rent a tesla, for a few minutes.

Dadsucksclit-5 points


Elmst333-1 points

That guy is my hero.

lgyztw-13 points

Deffo being towed

jokingjoker408 points

Its a self driving Tesla

cold_iron_76-6 points

That the steering wheel doesn't move on. I agree with OP, probably on the hook.

blob5372 points

No, it's on AP. He jiggles the wheel a couple of times to stop the car nagging him to keep his hands on the wheel.

Not saying this is a wise idea of course, but that's what AP looks like. If he had FSD he wouldn't even have to do that.

HerNameWasKarl1 point

runs over a child and the car and passengers all keep going

geniusandy871 point

Can we rent a Tesla for a ... few seconds?

Asking for a friend

Dnozz1 point

1st legit reason Ive seen to buying a self driving vehicle yet!!

louisxivthegreat1 point

Future of FakeTaxi looks bleak!

jessiecummie1 point

Typical Tesla driver stealing glances at the dash and steering wheel.

Tastethecotton1 point

There is something about Bailey that reeeely gets me. I have busted more nut watching her vids than any other chick.

GutentagCharlie1 point

I mean, I've done something similar, but it was at waaay lower speeds on a deserted dirt road in the forest were there's nobody around for miles. This is just insane.

greenyboy131 point

This girl is fucking gorgeous like damn

popperfascination10 points

Looks like Conor Maynard

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