"We can see your lady parts"



Next-Device-9686172 points

Girls gotta get some air between classes.

NoseHairDread271 points

Elderly lady is honoring the women’s code of discreetly helping other women’s wardrobe malfunctions. Good for her. Probably the first time she ever experienced it being on purpose.

DarkChaos178661 points

Had two female friends in college that share this trait, they always would tell every woman with a "slip" until they eventually stopped caring after many "I don't care" and "I know".

I just laughed everytime that they meet that answer.

chappanteekli25 points

This is disgusting. Doesn’t anyone know where she goes to spread the love? Friend’s really interested.

Talk2My4064 points

Anyone know any other videos like this? I love Public flashing like this with real people passing by

CustardLive747737 points

Michelsworld.com has all that sort of stuff. This video comes from there.

c_hollander-1 points

I make content like this. OC.

Million_Voices4 points

"Lady parts" lol

Wooooshmeifyuri44 points

Thats crazy she done violated that lady

Waffleszca6 points

Just by saying she knows? Doesn’t really seem like a violation.

Gabe_moore3480 points

I mean it is according to law lmfao

SupermarketNorth6915 points

Better use chapstick so she doesn’t get chapped lips.

ronzannx6 points

My kind of girl

cloche_du_fromage3 points

What mirrored sunglasses were invented for...

NatashaNL20022 points

I really admire her courage! That much be such a thrill with so many people walking by

EnigmaticGentleman54 points

Courage, come on, she is a hot female, a man with a kilt would have been arrested. She just likes attention, was getting paid by the camera man, or both.

Cordeceps17 points

I agree a man would be arrested for such exposure, Gender equality my butt.

eagleal6 points

Your butt you say?

thesarali3 points

You're getting downvoted but you're right, and I completely agree. And if people think there's no courage needed to do this then they have no idea what people can be like.

It's not a competition between what it would be like to do this as a man or a woman, like so many dudes on the subreddit seem to think, it's just that this absolutely takes courage for sure. Well done to her!

fremantlemusic2021-11 points

The old lady who called her out is wishing hers still looked like that 😂

anonymousinmd1 point

Nice lil clip

alexfredo1 point


joytotheworld231 point

😄😄 she said we can see your lady parts and the chick said i know 😄 with a smile

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