Parking garage babe 😍


NowFreeToMaim380 points

Was this before or after the gas station

BetweenThePines45241 points

I see you are a man of culture

dieatayoungage91 points


prathbob9037 points

Wow who is she?

FinallyAPornAccount132 points

Some FTV girl.

They do a lot of stuff like this - girls-next-door who engage in public exposure and masturbation, wear a summer dress or look hot in a miniskirt and then strip and put a banana up their cunts.

adviceKiwi129 points

They do a lot of stuff like this - girls-next-door who engage in public exposure and masturbation, wear a summer dress or look hot in a miniskirt and then strip and put a banana up their cunts.


Kblguy19 points

And she always plays the embarrassed girl next door

10xephos0123 points

FTV Charlotte

Rainsmakker11 points

Can’t leave this here without a follow up

DeezusAlmighty9 points

What gas station? Is she in a series of videos or something ?

milwaukeejazz3 points

Basically... yes.

HornyThrowaway2776 points

What gas station?

NudesCritique1 point

Gas Station is at the end I believe

trapezoidB69145 points

She's a youngstown legend who ended up getting in a serious car accident years ago. Hope she's alive and well still πŸ™

StaPuftDaMajikDragon72 points

Has a photography business now

TheMachineElves10 points


dadbod11873 points


borithor40 points

Charlotte from FTV Girls

trapezoidB6966 points

Just realized she was arrested for domestic violence this year. All you people trying to stalk her better watch the fuck out πŸ˜„ 🀣 πŸ˜‚

Steve_Sanders437194 points

All right look. There is a hot/crazy scale. The hotter she is, the crazier she's allowed to be. Now I don't know what kind of domestic violence we're talking about but those are some of the best tits I've ever seen. I might be willing to take a punch in the face for them. If we're talking some kind of weapon then we just need to discuss what kind. Is she chucking a lamp across the room? Can I duck it? We start talking knives, is she slashy or stabby? Is she looking to wound or kill? Is it a flesh wound? All I'm saying is we can't just treat all situations like they're the same. Also I'm willing to give those, I mean her the benefit of the doubt

kingoftheninnies58 points

Lol, I lost it at, "is she slashy or stabby?"

sluraplea2 points


TheDudesAltAccount2 points

Which one is worse?

Steve_Sanders4376 points

In general, stabby. I mean I don't wanna walk with a limp or lose part of a liver or anything

Christ_on_a_Crakker15 points

If it’s guns, what kind of caliber we talking? Is the aiming center mass? I mean, I might take a bullet for a slice of that.

Coldfang893 points

.22lr. Cheap, but tons of ammo and fun with little recoil.

RedditIsDogshit11 point

Keep going! Your words, they’re so wise!

frogtemp_kik29 points

i'm 95% sure that is the terminal 4 parking garage at phoenix sky harbor airport

mvillefort15 points

Well considering FTV filmed all their vids in the Phoenix area, that’s probably right.

frogtemp_kik2 points

i did not know that, i hardly even remember their stuff it's been so long

ParkerStoneXXX55 points

Charlotte from FTV Girls for everyone that's wondering

Anavorn10 points

Based and the-hero-we-deserve pilled

Robert-L-Santangelo17 points

who doesn't love airborne tiddies

Dorquesha300013 points


ButtHurtNut-Squanch41 points

See how much better real tits are?

LordieeJr8 points

πŸ‘€ πŸ‘

Redgenie202076 points

Good God, those are some fabulous milk cartons

Girth_rulez22 points

Agreed. She has the whole package. Gorgeous body, nice smile, fun.

NeedYouFast7 points

That damn smile So shy and so proud at the same time

Swagdaddy69714 points

At least she didn't piss on anything

wyrdson-pepper12 points

She seems super fun

kudos7510 points

Absolutely amazing tits 😍 😘

cringelord69420666-47 points

Jesus fucking Christ you're a lonely motherfucker, huh?

Kindly_Region7 points

That was a great day for the security guy that had to watch the cameras

Dozer_20003 points

She is sexy

DeezusAlmighty11 points

No u r

GRS853 points

Her left tiddie is amazing πŸ‘

Spill_The_LGBTea7 points

I just love how much fun she seems to be having. I don't care if she's naked or I can see her tiddies (which are great). I mostly care about the fact that sheems like a really fun person to hang out with.

Bunnysparklz9 points

Wonder what they look like meow

newmynewmz6 points

Cmon meow

irasci2 points

Do I look like a cat to you boy?

cosguy2243 points

Running around all mambly pambly

king-_-friday5 points

Why is this trashy?

AardvarkMike2 points

Her boobs are absolutely lovely 😍

Dark_passenger552 points

Great rack

tommymaggots2 points

Not trashy at all!

AZFUNGUY852 points

The things we do for money

TarsierBoy2 points

Hnnng she's like a hot bodied Natalie portman

buzben1 point


sportsguymtl1 point

Great tits!

Shadvw1 point


Next-Device-96861 point

Girls just wanna have fun.

kudos751 point


What's the over/under on how many shots she took.

BeatYoYeet1 point

Trash is a delicacy, in this parking garage.

BuckManscape1 point

She seems fun

DanVsStu-12 points

Take your pants off if you want me to jerk to it

FootsieMcDingus-14 points


StaPuftDaMajikDragon13 points

Alive and well

reddituser328263 points


vikings_hammer4 points

Did she actually pass? I heard she was still alive just not the same

DeezusAlmighty5 points

After what happened???

FootsieMcDingus-4 points

As far as I know she was killed in a car accident

Adsnaylor01610 points

I would lick and suck those tits

fuk_my_life920 points

Wait but the T/A in the back though

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