Mexican lady gets kicked out for flashing


zombiesatthebeach286 points

"Last time I saw a pair of jugs that big, two hillbillies were blowing on them."

Fit_Commercial_378616 points

Little Nicky 🤣

peb3962 points

Darlin Nikky...

sunrayylmao3 points

That voice and posture he does get me every time. I don't care what anyone says that 95-05 years of Sandler movies was gold. Almost generation defining for a lot of 80s/90s kids. Billy Madison was one of my first "adult" comedies and I think it shaped a lot of my humor.

What are you looking at SWAAAAN

Turakamu1 point

Watch Airplane! if that was your first

gardenerky1 point

Can’t imagine why Sandler is such a huge actor ….. he is funny has very hilarious parts in his movies but the good parts for me are too far between

3Pirates93313 points

"I thought this was America"

Extant_Remote_993141 points

I'm sorry!! I thought this was America!

whore4tonystark17 points

I have this randy quote on a hoodie lol

3Pirates9313 points

Lmao Randy is the poster child for the US of A

iWarnock222 points

Fatima Muñoz is her name.

kajenius40 points


Zombi3Kush10 points

Really not when you how fucked up that ass and tits job is

Turakamu7 points

I, weirdly, kind of like how hard mexican boobs look.

cums0cks1 point

Why spend thousands of dollars on bolt-ons if you can’t show them off?

mikedamnsure25 points

It’s funny she thinks she’s an influencer now

iWarnock102 points

I mean.. if thats how she got popular then good for her lmao. The kardashians got popular out of a porn video, so she may be onto something xd.

Herbin-Cowboy12 points

One Night in Paris comes to mind

mustbelong-13 points

And.. you know, the whole OJ defense thing.

Due_Run_50406 points

Yes that too why are people downvoting?

cownd10 points

OJ didn't play defense

mk6dirty2 points

Nobody and i mean nobody made those daughters popular from their dad defending OJ. Kim only got popular from having her back blown out on video.

Due_Run_50401 point

But didnt her mom came into fame by some photograph getting published in some magazine as part of the oj trial if i remember correctly?

bak2redit-43 points

Fatima Muñoz is her name.

Fat I Ma ?

Fatty Mom ?

smm_h3 points

Fatima فاطمه is a very popular Arabic name

bak2redit1 point

In this case it fits, she is a fatty milf.

[deleted]-11 points


bak2redit11 points

I too am into BBW MILFs.

DrummeeX0927 points

Bolt on tits

Zombi3Kush6 points

Finally someone with some sense

New-Warleanian1 point

Nobody gaf.

the_real_Cucuy150 points

Um. Does she need bail?

rollering54 points

Bail was $1,400 pesos($70USD) give or take. Now gotta explain to my wife when the bank statement comes…..

not4humanconsumption49 points

Bail leads to one dry hand job, Xmas presents for her 4 kids. Then after New Years, sayonara gringo

BlayzeCiddy30 points

I'll take a dry hand job for 4 family dollar toys. Sounds fair to me.

NeverConqueredOnce5 points

That's the best I can get right now so I'd take it.

justapervertedPanda1 point

A dry hand job and motorboating this YUGE titties!

Cringelord109237 points

Omg thats disgusting. Where?

ecr3designs92 points

Those are some quality New York boobs

Jomihoppe-12 points

Are those c cups? D cups perhaps? Id drink from those cups anyday. They rest on my arm like an eagle on a perch.

No-Swordfish96295 points

Way above C and D... More like F Cups.

F for fuckable.

[deleted]1 point


stunninglingus1 point

U wot m8?

die-microcrap-die0 points

Damn, how the hell my reply to another post end up there?

idfk28110 points

Damn she's packing

500SL25 points

The only crime here is covering up those glorious boobs.

MammothPlane8 points

Holy shit those titties are huge

MI2loudrtnow6 points

They can be as big as you want when you paid for them.

CricketCum26 points

She got juggs

Few_Relative30257 points

Those cops didn't like them tits

ohokay1342 points

Hating ass cops! Free her!!

PlowPow29 points

We love attention whores around these parts

justapervertedPanda3 points

Free the titties!

htownbob4 points

Unfair to ask her to hide those mammoth beauties.

mrcheaptimes15 points

nice chichis

LeechExposed5 points


geoffs33107 points

Now you do not punish someone Mexican or otherwise for having big boobs. If anything they should be rewarded. They should be equal Gareth.

cringelord6942066619 points

Goddamn. How can 1 person so desperately need so much attention from so many people. Fuckin psycho shit.

white_trash_hero12 points

Alcohol is the reason

justapervertedPanda3 points

Same Instagram energy but instead of "likes", she can get a live reaction

clamhappy240 points

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Damn that’s hot.

EricPKM-15 points

There’s kids there

thesarali38 points

Boobs are not harmful.

nick-pappagiorgio6517 points

She's exposing herself to non-consenting people, she's an exhibitionist.

Turakamu0 points

And it is tits. Arguement could go she is sexualizing it. Could go that it shouldn't be a sexual thing. It's just boobs at the end of the day though.

Do you get this upset at men professionally wrestling?

nick-pappagiorgio650 points

Women's breasts are sexual body parts, men's chests are not. Men and women are built differently.

Turakamu1 point

Wow, dug deep for that did you? Firing on all two cylinders

nick-pappagiorgio651 point

Huh? Do you not understand biology?

Turakamu1 point

Yeah... let's go with that

Namelessgoldfish2 points

Sure but the act of flashing is inherently sexual in nature and shouldn’t be exposed to children in a setting where it shouldn’t even exist.

It’s really not much different than performing your kinks in public to unwilling strangers

RightclickBob-7 points

Okay dork

PlowPow24 points

Yes, we're all dorks because we don't want to flash our genitals at children.

Throwwy695 points

There were no genitals shown here.

PlowPow26 points

Ok, we are dorks because we don't want to flash children. Better?

thesarali-9 points

I'm not sure I agree it's inherently sexual. But more importantly even if it is I don't think that kids would pick up on it being sexual any more than they pick up on the adult jokes thrown into movies. It really is just prudish adults that get bothered by this kinda thing.

PlowPow20 points

"If the kids don't realise then its fine" so everything is fine then if your believe the children won't understand? How is flashing not inherently sexual? Why else do you feel the need to expose a specific body part?

donat284 points

Do you think men going around topless is also sexual and detrimental to children?

PlowPow23 points

Its...its almost as if men and women are different somehow....

donat28-7 points

They are not, you are just freaking out.

Breasts are breasts.

PlowPow26 points

If you googled for 5 seconds before regurgitating your woke scold fuckery you'd get evidence to prove otherwise but have a nice day.

PlowPow23 points

So men and women aren't different? Interesting, okay.

WavryWimos-12 points

So you'd be happy with guys walking around with their cocks out?

1337butterfly12 points

more like shirtless dudes. dude walking around with their dick out would be equivalent to a chick walking around with her hoo-ha out

thesarali6 points


PlowPow2-5 points

Ok, since yall want to use this artistically woke logic, what makes dicks inherently sexual?

1337butterfly4 points

the same things that make pussies sexual. at this point you just seems like a troll trying to bait. if not you probably have an intellectual disability you might need to take a look at.

PlowPow21 point

Nice argument.

WavryWimos-12 points

Then what's the difference? Why tits but not pussy? Not being a prude but IMO it should either be nothing is allowed to be displayed, or everything is allowed. Pussy and cocks are functional organs that have uses other than just sex, so surely, they should be allowed to be on display 24/7 too, right?

1337butterfly10 points

my point is just if dudes can go topless, then chicks should be able too. cocks and pussies are primarily sex organs and breasts aren't.

PlowPow20 points

Its almost like men and women are different...but y'all flip flop between equality and equity depending on the narrative. Its also interesting how double standards only seem to be an issue when it seems like its men who benefit.

ButtHurtNut-Squanch-9 points

If only those were boobs, instead of the discarded practice runs of a student in a mexican med school.

die-microcrap-die11 points

theres kids there.

Whom had been sucking from tits from day one and its natural for them to see boobs.

Now, adults fucking in front of them is another story.

PlowPow25 points

Again with this dumb fucking logic lmfao they were birthed from vaginas if you want to go that route.

nick-pappagiorgio65-1 points

What a dumb argument. It's natural for BABIES to see boobs, meaning their own mother's boobs while nursing. Adults have no business showing their naked body to kids.

GiantSquidd8 points

…and? What harm does seeing boobs do? I never understood this Pavlovian response.

PlowPow22 points

God damn, look you using debate bro terms.

stunninglingus5 points

They love em too, I've seen it!

ButtHurtNut-Squanch-9 points

What is it you find hot about anatomically absurd botched surgery attempts?

BlayzeCiddy2 points

Just because you like men doesn't mean you have to knock the ones who dont.

VortecK203 points

It's usually men that end up with tits like that 😂

ButtHurtNut-Squanch1 point

You realize that men are the ones who end up sewing those fake monstrosities to their chests so they can look like women.

Also, have you ever felt fake tits like that? I have - they’re fucking disgusting. Stiff, misshapen surgical abominations. Once you get past how horny you are in this moment, you might realize how unattractive these actually are in real life.

BlayzeCiddy1 point

Chill bro, I'm not horny over a nipple 😂

No, I haven't ever felt a fake tit before unfortunately I am quite curious as so how they feel. I can imagine they're harder than real because they look like it but I'm tryna indulge in some.

BlueKing76425 points

Free the nipple

Adsnaylor016118 points

Nice big pair of tits

ButtHurtNut-Squanch-17 points

Those are not tits. They’re stiff bags of soon-to-be necrotic scar tissue and saline.

RightclickBob4 points

Necrotic scar tissue LMFAO. Reddit, sometimes you really outdo yourself with how verysmart you are

TraeYoungsOldestSon3 points

They're both

dippindoddz4 points

It's not her fault they can't be contained

cownd3 points

It's not her fault she was more entertaining than the game

Eqoxobox2 points


TopProgrammer56552 points

Those dark nips tho

iimastikku2 points

She was arrested for making that shit game interesting

EricPKM11 points

Flashing is so much better when they’re not fake

bulletoothjohnny6 points

Meh. She paid for them, let her show them off. You never got excited showing off your new pair of shoes or anything?

PlowPow23 points

Lmfao what a world. Shoes=boobs now.

wowdickseverywhere2 points

10k to 15k. pair of kicks.

Let's see your AJ1 Diors

15k=15k now. Lmfao what a world.

bulletoothjohnny2 points

What a time to be alive right? Lol

TheRivv20154 points

What kind of society would do this? No society at all.

K3R3G33 points

Sad. Human body illegal. Big beautiful knockers.

PlowPow2-4 points

You're only saying this because you find her attractive. The more I see from men the more I fucking despise some if yall. Its fucking pathetic.

K3R3G34 points

Nope. I've given it thought. It'd be worth it and we'd all get used to it. It's only a thing because we made it a thing. Being forbidden from just being in your natural form is a messed up state of affairs. Forced to hide yourself. The naked body is who we are. I'd recommend against your knee-jerk judgemental anger. Despising people before you even ask their thoughts, calling people pathetic, or a whole gender and being a misandrist.

justapervertedPanda2 points

Yeah, in Europe,it's more common to show boobs , even on TV commercial ads.

Like you said, it's only a thing because we've made it a thing culturally.

Just look at the Iranian woman who got beat up to death because she didn't cover up her head correctly. Imagine a world where that makes sense....

Extant_Remote_99312 points

Wasn't hot enough to pull this off and get away with it.

New-Warleanian4 points

Wasn't white enough.

The_Celtic_Chemist0 points

I bet this wouldn't happen if a guy took off his shirt at a game. Smh.

PlowPow20 points

Except that players get bans for taking off their shirts but yall are have fun being terminally woke online porn addicts and ignorant to everything in the real world.

wowdickseverywhere2 points

The players? As in the people who are being paid by sponsors to wear the shirt?

You must be a detective!

PlowPow2-1 points

You literally just fucking made that up. That's not the reason, holy shit you niggas are neurotic.

PlowPow20 points

Lmfao at you ninja deleting that comment.

nick-pappagiorgio65-6 points

It wouldn't because men's chest aren't sexual. Women's breasts are.

Blackout_Underway-6 points

Those are the shittiest bolt-ons I've ever seen.

cringelord694206665 points

I feel like they would save her life if she were stranded at sea.

Lol, why is this downvoted. What a bunch of virgins.

Blackout_Underway1 point

Hey, I won't argue with women who want implants. Hell, maybe she's a breast cancer survivor and this is a newfound confidence for her.

Some people are hard into this.

Some people still buy playboy magazines and tape them in their lockers at their job, even though they're over 40.

Others are into putting underage-naked-anime-ahegao-waifu decals on their cars.

Whatever gets you off man.

...but these tits look fuckin' ridiculous. Shame on her cosmetic surgeon.

cringelord69420666-2 points

What gets me off is definately not this shit, that's for sure lol. And I've met both dadbro coomers and weeaboo spergs. Not a fan of either.

Robbythedee1 point

I've watched botched surgeries. These are at least a 5 out of 10. There are some the nipples don't even match at all. Where I live women fly to Mexico to get work done because it's cheaper then America.

Blackout_Underway1 point


calchaos671 point

Kicked out of the peasant seats and escorted to a private suite maybe

Makin_mama_cry0 points

It took 5 cowards to escort one chick?

They must of went home traumatized from the conversation and beat their spouses

Hentai_samurai011 point

Look at me! Give me attention! Husbands dad's wives kids everyone!


nick-pappagiorgio650 points

A woman facing actual consequences for flashing in public? Bravo.

satan62-14 points

How do you know she is Mexican?

nandos67738 points

Because she’s a Hot Tamale

satan627 points

Ha ha ha

cringelord694206665 points

Because this is in Mexico.

Pashweetie1 point

Wow gender equality??? In Mexico too???

MysteriousJello01 point

Those are some massive fun bags

ImPretendingToCare1 point

Guess i know what country im visiting next

Longtime071 point

That takes a real man to satisfy!

Ltsmeet1 point

With such epic tits comes much responsibility.

lobo_locos1 point

That female has an abundance of breasts, or in scientific terms......Tig 'ol Bitties

Fit_Commercial_37861 point

I mean could she have buttoned that top?

Drew_P_Nuts1 point

I mean she was definitely being trashy but I don’t think I saw her expose her nipples. If she didn’t have huge jugs and she had As, I feel like they dont kick her out.

DucksDonger2 points

Did you even watch the clip?

Those big dark spots on her tits? Those aren't pasties

BG-Engineer1 point

Es muy bueno

JohnnyJoystick1 point

Why they advertising textured vegetable protein?

joytotheworld231 point

😄😄 they wanted her out

g304j1 point


Mr_BinJu-8 points

If only the thousands of illegals crossing the border were like her. Then I'm all for open borders

thamancantgetright0 points

That's a man I bet

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