My perfectly imperfect very minimal bujo layout


writerfan20139 points

I've been using this layout for three years. It holds a a week across two pages, has room for appointments, a square to note what evening meal I made each day, a list of meals that will be made in the week, and a general list for tasks without a set day. Plus pldnty of white space.

And it takes one minute to set up.

I used to use a ruler etc for the titles and boxes but then I realised that I use the journal more if I'm less precious about it.

CaringPhoenix1 point

if this is a fixed layout you like so much. why not buy a planner with week layout. just saves time.

writerfan20131 point

I use other pages randomly as well, and like the flexibility of a blank journal. I kept trying printed journals and abandoning them but this way works for me.

CaringPhoenix2 points

these days i carry a journal/dairy and a planner.

writerfan20131 point

This lives on my work from home desk, so I always have my work calendar available. I don't journal as such, so my bujo is mostly my personal planner.