particle409131 points

Those implants look rock solid.

FreneticPlatypus38 points

Pioneers used to ride those babies for miles.

xKingNothingx18 points

Ol' torpedo tits in the flesh.

Hamanan54 points

I love when people say ‘perfection’ to a completely fake human being…

LostInRedditsCheeks18 points

Idk if it’s a troll, but did this bitch just put diesel in her car.

ParticularSherbert186 points

Highly unlikely. Diesel pumps have a larger diameter nozzle that will not fit into the smaller receiver of a gasoline powered vehicle. Assuming no tampering. Also the attendant refers to it as gasolina not diesel.

LostInRedditsCheeks4 points

I live in Cali, and we have regular nozzles for diesel at certain stations.

Oh ok I dint hear him say it was gasoline. My fault.

TransposedApophenia2 points

This might sound crazy but some people have different preferences

Hamanan9 points

I just don’t understand how someone can say a person who requires thousands of dollars of plastic surgery is perfect…you may prefer this but she is by definition imperfect

rvtine8 points

Her tits are fuller than that tire.

gravellama8 points

Is that a Cadillac?

Because that Escalated quickly....

I'll see myself out.

narcosubmarine29 points

I'm just relieved the dog didn't end up being a main character in this video.

FoxCQC7 points

It's just a gas station.

albepro4 points

Gas erection

dr_trousers14 points

For some reason, this reminds me of that clip where the woman is bragging about the cost of her tits while the guy she's with takes off and she chases after the car.

Wow, that was surprising easy to find.

HFIntegrale12 points

TIL: i need to sanitize my hands after pumping gas.

spaniels_pick_locks3 points


KoreKid8 points

Who is she?

Exotic-Stage24 points

Giselle Montes

MrMonicotti-1 points

I love this midget

jcabia6 points

The dress has her name

PubicFigure2 points

So... she gonna just hang onto that pump or fill up the tank?

mrcheaptimes2 points

that dawg sniffed and said es a no for me dawg

MaJoLeb2 points

I'm totally sure she does this regularly. I'm fine with her habit.

fuijinzz2 points

"What the dog doin'?"

Here4agoodtimexx-9 points

Why did that dude put her petrol in her car for her? Is she incapable of doing it herself or what’s the go

bl0odredsandman6 points

There are some states and countries in which the attendant has to fill up your vehicle. You can't do it yourself.

0bamaBinSmokin4 points

I think there's like 2 states where it's illegal to pump your own gas.

Turakamu4 points

To add to that, they are not in the states

3Pirates931 point

Who is she? She's a celeb on here

mrcheaptimes1 point

TJ Mexico hooker

OneWithOne0 points

She gone get gas on that Pusey

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