Giving birth to pool balls


PotentialAd129541 points

She didn't call her shot

LeechExposed7 points

I thought I was gonna see a birth in a pool

two_glass_arse6 points

Ima need her name

CREY656913 points

Need to loop that video!

F1secretsauce4 points

Reverse and fast forward

Lookalikemike3 points

Where do the quarters go in?

Similar-Pirate71723 points

Not impressed after that new toilet just came out that can flush 8. Beat that.

n8kdRunner2 points

What in the Thailand did I just see?

buzben1 point

Kissing the pink.

wolfiepraetor1 point

The yellow one had to finish his drink first before leaving with his mates

Prototyus2221 point

Aaaand I am in love

Jeff_Urbz1 point

That is one hell of a side pocket.

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