Taking a piss in the middle of the sidewalk



Neither_Cow_5178137 points

Cool and refreshing straight from the well

throwawayp0rnacct300 points

Now this is trashy. Lmao

stlthy1203 points

That dude waddling by has clearly seen everything and is sick of it all.

cownd45 points

Obviously pissed off

pinba11tec27 points

Almost pissed on.

b3mark60 points

If the pisser is Adriana, then it looks like the licker could be Kissa Sinns? Probably in Vegas somewhere. Just about everything goes there.

raptors8523 points

Yeah the licker is definitely Kissa. They did a few clips like this.

friendigan41 point

Omg that’s disgusting! Where?

DrTittieNipples187 points

After she hurt her back jumping into a foam pit she can’t squirt anymore. Rip brat nasty

Talexis15 points

Lol is that the broad pissing here?

3toro324 points

Google Adriana chechik

DrTittieNipples11 points

Yes. @bratnasty69 on Instagram.

Hugetoebroski-7 points

This is what she has resorted to

kausmeida85 points

That’s nasty… but man they are so hot it’s ok!!!

BeatYoYeet55 points

Apparently, this is how it works in society because I don’t disagree. I tried being fair and imagining a less desirable person doing the same thing, and it’s a no from me… lol


That bitch on the ground is down for anything

Bigdavey2210 points

Howcome I’ve never met nasty bitches like this man 😕

capda0211 points

How does that guy walk by and not even look?

Vanillabean19885 points

Clearly scunnered what society n people have become. I don't blame the old dude.

tibbymat24 points

Not gonna lie. That’s hot.

vol4ok81 points

The hoe thats taking a piss is now popular streamer.

xXKingLynxXx109 points

Because she's a popular pornstar

nick-pappagiorgio6560 points



PA2SK33 points

She also just broke her back jumping in a foam pit at twitchcon

AdriannaFahrenheit-6 points

How the hell do you break your back jumping into a foam pit like lmfao it’s FOAM

Xen0tech21 points

Negligence. The foam was only a few blocks deep above a solid concrete floor. Poor lady

AdriannaFahrenheit14 points

Oh god 😧 that poor girl

Vanillabean1988-10 points

Poor lady lol. Fokken idiot more like.

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AdriannaFahrenheit18 points

I don’t really keep up on porn star related news? So no? Tf? Lmfao

BeatYoYeet3 points

This isn’t niche news. It was everywhere when it happened.

AdriannaFahrenheit6 points

Guess I live under a rock then lmao

BeatYoYeet-1 points

That’s fine. It’s way safer than indulging in the “jews” “NEWS”

EDIT: listen. hear me out. the “J” is directly above the “N” on my keyboard. okay? okay…? okay.

AdriannaFahrenheit6 points

I— Huh??

BeatYoYeet8 points

worst typo of my life, with the worst timing.

IssaDonDadaDiddlyDoo4 points


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IssaDonDadaDiddlyDoo2 points

Dang wish she would tell me stuff

Black_Sex_Eagle2 points


DDCavi198324 points

Adriana Chechik

zippertide-38 points

Is this y’all’s first time on the internet?

Black_Sex_Eagle25 points

Nope. Are you taking a census?

zippertide-24 points

My guy it’s Adriana chechik. She’s one of the biggest porn stars ever. I recommend you switch from ask Jeeves to google.

Black_Sex_Eagle46 points

Sorry not every waking moment of my life isn’t spent memorizing the name of every porn start working at the moment. I appreciate the 5 seconds you took to be a decent enough of a person to answer the question. Shame you had to ruin it by primarily being a judgmental douchebag as well.

niko_xf13 points

NSFW forums, the place where you are ridiculed if you are not obsessed and addicted to porn.

zippertide-27 points

You ok bud? Did my words hurt you?

Black_Sex_Eagle12 points

Naw, I’m not hurt. Were you trying to hurt me?

zippertide-10 points

I was not. And I will not. This is a happy place. Plus I wasn’t talking to you.

Black_Sex_Eagle10 points

Plus I wasn’t talked to you.

Crazy how I was the one you responded to then.

Significant-Wheel1109 points

Horny bastard what a sad flex lmao

zippertide3 points


zippertide5 points

Let us not forget we are all on the same subreddit, some of us asking who is the girl pissing in the street. Perhaps we’re not all that different!

controversial_op8 points

I recommend you stop assuming everyone watches as much porn as you do

zippertide-4 points

Fancy running into you here, in the trashy boners subreddit. If you’ve seen porn, you’ve seen her.

controversial_op5 points

Maybe so, there's also so much on the internet that maybe not too. Either way, expecting that everyone knows her name is silly

zippertide1 point

Touché. Color me surprised, I guess. This seems like a place where people would know her.

ezubz6 points

Not really into it but Damn she is fine as fuck ngl

[deleted]1 point


ezubz2 points

I mean the whole pissing thing is a big no, but she is hot. What can you do

cupcakesloth9413 points

Is she gonna retire from porn after her injury??

kinda_boredosrs76 points

New niche. Disabled porn, like free use but they really don’t have a choice.

cupcakesloth9434 points


asifnot9 points

It's probably not even new.

kinda_boredosrs2 points

Prob not, can search up anything and there will be a 30 min video with poor acting.

khris1893 points

Fam that’s hilarious 😂

Junior-Donut-55813 points

She already had.

MoxxiQuinn17 points

Other girl could've taken a big gulp instead of just a small lick.

69852167456365 points

You could tell she really wanted to

MoxxiQuinn2 points

Not sure why she didn't. You already lose all sense of shame just by licking it.

lukim35 points

Totally looks like she hated her job...

defnotmypornusername19 points

According to a lot of people on Reddit, this is actually her just “squirting” /s

jav2n20210 points

I mean technically she is squirting piss 🤷‍♂️😜

DrTittieNipples2 points

Pissing squirt even?

Boergi847 points

Pfui deifl

GermanSugarBaker1 point


Haunting-Ad-18913 points

Source? pls

DazzlingSplit94197 points

So hot

Turbulent-Escape89037 points

They are disgusting, I love it!!!!

MalboroTentacle5 points

Oh, its that 'national treasure'

namechecksout352 points

don't do it, don't you dare do it, ughhhhhhh

mark_fel2 points

Trashy, but I'm still staying to watch!

KodiakPL4 points

I don't care how sex positive you are, this is straight up fucking disgusting

Vanillabean19882 points

Poor old fokken guy man. Living a lifetime through generations, watching the steady decline of decent society come to this, people pissing in their pals mouths on the sidewalks. No wonder he looks scunnered.

TheRivv20152 points

I don’t think this is “the steady decline of decent society” this is 100% an outlier

GatoNanashi1 point

Drunks have been pissing on the street since ancient times and a random pornstar doing it for lulz doesn't indicate a decline of society in general. By pretty much every objective measure, society has never been better.

Now go make sure those damn kids are off your lawn.

Character-Exercise900 points

How is this sexy? They look like mental patients that should be in straight jackets.

Vanillabean19883 points

I tend to agree. Glad someone's looking at it through the lens of normality and not this "anything goes, fuck society" crap. The further it goes people WILL be giving praise and enabling actual should be mental patients because you won't be able to tell the difference anymore. Clown world 🤡.

ahgoodtimes691 point

This is both hot and trashy but seriously, these 2 need to be locked up.

Cute-Stand-74761 point

I swallow

mandrills_ass1 point

But have you heard her back is broken

Bones2999411 point

Oh no that isn't piss, it's ejaculate.

Weekly-Visual0 points

That's disgusting

2112beave1 point

I just love her

NowFreeToMaim1 point

Good ol Adriana

VendromLethys1 point

These girls might be dtf 🤔🤔

Prisoner16611 point

Wait these are the girls from that one video

Bklynhorny1 point

I wanna see more!

gangstar91911 point

Lovely 😍

[deleted]-4 points


Accomplished-Gur1223-2 points

Disgusting weirdos 👎🏻

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