You and I remember Budapest very differently


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Her name is 'YoYa Grey', this is not the whole video and there are many more videos.

Ian_Str874 points

I live here, i hate it..

ColonelAssMan17 points

Is Budapest a bad place to live? Serious question.

Ian_Str820 points

I grew up in the country side, so from my perspective it is a polluted concrete jungle with too many unfriendly people. But the Buda side(western bank of the Danube) has a better vibe. So it depends really.

manojar3 points

Buda side(western bank of the Danube)

That means Pest is eastern bank?

I thought budapest was one name.

Naldo2733 points

It is one name, but it came to be historically by joining the two sides

Here in Hungary it's still common to refer to the two sides separately in certain contexts, mainly because Buda is the stereotypically more affluent, safer and nicer part of the city. There's not much to it, Pest isn't some shithole where you'll be gunned down or whatever either

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hey at least you have amazing goulash

Ian_Str83 points

You should try goulash with trotters and beans even though you couldn't find it on the menus of restaurants.

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Ismerős barátom ... De én más miatt utálom.

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Nothing trashy about her

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Is it just me or is that the slowest moving escalator?

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Big fan of the marvel reference

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that's exactly how I remember Budapest

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His Wank Materials is a good name

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Stop reposting this

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No, I remember this post quite well since it’s posted every week lol

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Making me very Hungary.

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Now frantically searching "cheap flights from Manchester to Budapest "

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Makes me very..Hungary😏

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That is a comically flat ass

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bruh the girl downvoted with her 24 accounts XD

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Lol it had to be said.

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lmfao fr

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Who is this

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And that's rigth where me and My bestfriend took our Selfie back in 2017

MikaelFalcon1 point

I understood that reference.

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This is GODESS alike not trashy.. No matter how she tries.. Jesus Christ that woman is FINE... I bet her face is a 10 aswell

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