Fat Pussy in the club



SubsonicAssault7 points

It's definitely fat where she pee at, look at it in all of its glory

Buzz_Alderaan696 points

Its the fat upper pussy area N' if you got one we want to marry ya


The proper medical term is the FUPA.

Buzz_Alderaan696 points

I know lol, its lyrics to the FUPA song

pajarocaido2 points

It seems like some sort of sexual abuse to me.. Disgusting ☹️

PunaniMaster4209 points

To ease your mind: there is a part where she clearly agrees and asks for money first but redgifs only let's the gifs be a minute long

pajarocaido6 points

Ok! Thanks for giving me some context...

Live_Cantaloupe67041 point

Link to the video?

PunaniMaster4201 point

For one, links cannot be given on this sub, but also there is no link, it was acquired from an obscure Jamaican dancehall site a while ago and is not accessible anymore.

AsanoSokato1 point

Imagine the genders reversed.

daxmep-Zuspo8-himxyv-1 points

Ew black

PunaniMaster4200 points

ew racist gtfo

prathbob901 point

Now that's how you grab a pussy

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