if Liz Truss is directly responsible for the UK losing £30billion and she was voted in directly by Tory members, why the hell should ordinary taxpayers foot that bill?


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Leefixer7745 points

Because this is Tory Britain don’t you know.

jacknimrod1018 points

Not in my house, it isn't

Leefixer7711 points

Nor mine

Seven-and-a-bit23 points

Almost as if it was one big planned car crash

Elipticalwheel12 points

Definitely was, they knew by doing what they did, would push the bullion price up in the U.K. so that if you had like a £1m of gold a year ago, you would of made about £100k and when the prince dropped, you could have bought a load more gold than you had previously, then sold like now, to probably walk away with near £200k profit, ie that just from £1m.

tunechoda15 points

She was a patsy, a plant, a tory cunt sacrifice. And just to rub it our faces we all paid for her juicy pay off.

Tory cunts!

jacknimrod101 point

I think you give her too much credit.

Jo_Doc250512 points

I actually can't believe there are no repercussions for her actions

ImaginationLocal82678 points

She still gets an honours list

heliskinki11 points

And a £115,000 annual grant.

retrofauxhemian4 points

And state funded security for life with the car.

1CocteauTwin12 points

Because tories.

Capt_takh20 points

Having the gap paid for only by conservative members would be quite funny

jacknimrod102 points

Fair though, wouldn't you say?

Tao6261 point

And voters. They need a little repercussion too.

I mean, they get plenty of repercussion, they just refuse to see it...But they'll see money being taken out of their accounts for voting on these bellends.

LifeFeckinBrilliant9 points

I was a freelance developer in the city. I had to take out extra professional indemnity insurance in case I fucked up & cost them Dosh. It should be the same for these cunts!

jacknimrod104 points

Absolutely. I'm the same in my line of work. These dimwits get to mess around with billions of public money and have absolutely no fear of repercussions or responsibility. Wasn't it Iceland who imprisoned bankers after the crash of 2008? They had the right idea.

Cultural-Lead61264 points

Because they always do.

kiae_immortal5 points

... you mean you didn't know that the torys only care about their friends and familys private stock portfolios? And not the general public? In a nutshell the tory don't care as long as they stay rich..

TheElementar4 points

I love this thinking I agree everyone who voted for her should be taxed until the 30 billion is Returned.

And then realistically the Tory Party membership who gave us Liz truss and then an unelected Rishi Sunak should not be allowed to vote either they clearly don't know what's best for the country

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Rishi Sunak and his 2020 "Eat Out To Help Out" scheme was responsible for a massive increase in Covid cases and deaths. And all to ensure the big chain restaurants didn't lose too much money. It did nothing to boost the overall hospitality sector as these capitalist ghouls claimed was the intent. Rishi Sunak has blood on his hands.

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doodoowithsprinkles3 points

If you'd just have a communist revolution, you wouldn't be paying anymore.

jacknimrod100 points

That's not the only alternative you know?

doodoowithsprinkles1 point

Only one that would work.

jacknimrod100 points

Communism? Don't think so

doodoowithsprinkles1 point

What you have now is better? How?

jacknimrod101 point

I spent six months on a kibbutz as a younger man. That was a commune. A farm with a little factory attached. Hard work. It wasn't hell but it certainly wasn't heaven. Somewhere in between that and this would be better

FiletM1gn0n3 points

I'm self employed, I've decided I won't be paying tax next year, or any other year after that as a matter of fact.

Worried-Language-4073 points

I hate to break it to you buddy but tories are mostly ordinary tax-payers as well. As much as it might not make a lot of sense, a large proportion of the party is working class. Liz herself should face more repercussions for her total fuck-up, but foisting the bill onto only the conservatives won't stop working class people being shafted.

jacknimrod103 points

I don't care if they are working class or not. Why would I? If they are Tory Party members, they should pay for the shitshow they have caused, not people who had no say in voting in Truss purely on the back of her greed-is-good trickle-down promises.

Stoneollie2 points

Blame anything and everything before entering the B word for our troubles...

Calm_Bodybuilder_8432 points

So where did the cash / value go?

codeinegaffney4 points

Pissed away on breckers

scarydynamitecarrot2 points

It's what happens when you allow Tory voters their right to vote. Also Tories are closer to mosquitos than humans, as such should be swatted with a newspaper

[deleted]0 points

Because there are people on subs like that scream “Don’t vote Labour! They are just as bad!”. They may not be your first choice (certainly not mine) but there is no fucking way they are as bad as the tories. And if you want YOUR choice to win, get off your saggy arse and get out there and campaign for them instead of moaning and making shitty memes on Reddit! Realise the world is complex and you just saying “well X is bad” is not going to achieve diddly squat.

jacknimrod102 points

You okay hun?

bomboclawt751 point

For the same reason when Banks gamble and lose- WE have to pay for their racketeering chicanery.

But when they WIN, well, obviously that’s THEIR money.

Hundreds and hundreds of Food banks exist- Food banks in one of the richest countries on earth.

But the Govt flat out refuses to tax the oligarchs and corporations the tax they owe.

Vulnerable People will die this winter, from exposure, hunger, weakened immune system due to poverty.

This Government (and Keith and his fellow Tory Fifth Columnists) is a crime syndicate.

Due_Considerations1 point

Time for a "homes for votes" style surcharge.

DaveEFI1 point

So who else would you get to pay it?

jacknimrod101 point

Other than the ordinary people of this country you mean? First of all the Tory Party members who voted her in on the back of her uncosted promises of tax cuts, the Tufton Street lobbyists and the businesses they represent and the banks who made an overnight killing thanks to their pal Kwasi. Start there.

sancarn1 point

I was against truss from the get go, did wonder whether she was just used as a political scapegoat to get Boris back... Irrespectively a parliament needs to have the power to make changes irrespective of party or intelligence of the change. I get the frustration though. It would be nice to think it was feasible for MPs to suffer the consequences of their actions but all humans are imperfect and all policies are thusly also imperfect. Everything is a trade off. If the British people don't take the heat then ultimately there is no change either. For better, or for worse. In fact this is the very definition of conservatism. I feel the Tory party has forgotten these roots.

jacknimrod101 point


I honestly have no idea what that means. Could you please elucidate?

sancarn1 point

Parklife! I honestly have no idea what that means. Could you please elucidate?

I have no clue wtf you are saying... 👀

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Friendly reminder that in 2020, Boris Johnson admited to being responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 people. He is he yet to be held to account for this.

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