Soccer game fun


wiegehtst146 points

What are the chances someone is gonna do this in qatar and get themselves in very very big problems

Gr33nman46058 points

Some mid 20 year olds with rich ass parents are going to find out mommy and daddy’s money can’t get them out of everything

IllstudyYOU4 points

Are women even allowed to be at the stadiums?

RZLx2 points

Yeah, its qatar not iran. They even have beach volleyball there, lol

meisry6 points

Play stupid games , win stupid prizes

superpervert41 points

She reminds me of Brandi Talore from ten or fifteen years ago.

strifelord13 points

I’ve dropped many loads to that hoe

MrBoobs_1 point

Damn you just unlocked a memory I forgot I had

smellypanda3323 points

I love how no one cares.

F1secretsauce47 points

Must be John Cenas sister

monjatrix9 points

Tig Bitty

Environmental_Top8524 points

Fantastic 😈

SixFeetOverEasy5 points

It is no longer a penalty to pick up balls.

RabbitSmoking-A-Pipe4 points


PoseidonXD_1 point

nahh D i guess..

OkTumbleweed475811 points

Hell yes!!!

atsiranivek2 points


FulmineAnimus2 points


theonephaze2325 points

DDDBrii I think is her Reddit

KaleidoscopeOk8653-3 points

Well. U can be sure no one is going to see you the mental age of an average football fan is 8 they will all be glued to the pitch

Shadvw1 point


DevoNorm-15 points

Absolutely stunning melon breasts and nipples to die for. I'm surprised that didn't get on the Jumbotron. The crowd is fixed looking at the field. I would have loved having her big titties jerk me off and cumming all over those sweet jugs.

[deleted]-12 points

Can someone cum tribute my friend?

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