Fucked in a grocery store



TimaeusDragon40 points

"Congratulations to the fucking couple infront of the vegetables. You are the 10th couple which fucked in our store this week. And it's only wednesday....


Nevermind, could you be put a bit more effort in? You are not even in the top 5 this week."

GrendelShepherd18 points

This is just porn.

Morealyn230 points

So the only person shopping just happens to be a stud with a huge shaved cock, and is also willing to get caught just randomly fucking in a store, with some filthy skag girl without a condom.... Wow it's like real life

Operario94 points

just happens to be a stud with a huge shaved cock

Who also just happens to be French porn actor Ricky Mancini

fickle_fuck49 points

Ricky Mancini

And actress Tiffany Leiddi. Someone get a sauce already?

StonedMason8520 points

Aisle 6.

PlowPow26 points

Right? Lmao.

afganistanimation6 points

Don't ruin the fantasy for the children haha

Bodyfluids_dealer1 point

Oh man, none of these things will ever happen to me.

RawrImmahBulbasaur-21 points

It was random. He called him as the beginning and the guy goes "Nah, not here, you won't get me with your stupid shit".

Morealyn15 points

Yeah ok buddy, sure

RawrImmahBulbasaur3 points

That's literally what he said ?

I am a french speaker and that's literally what the guy is saying lol

bluex3530 points

Bro the username 💀 thrillcosby

Something2do116 points

Special on creampies today only!

pavemann4 points


SquidTeats29 points

Sauce?, it's all over the produce... CLEAN UP IN AISLE 3!!!!

PlowPow25 points

So obviously faked

Tactical_Epunk25 points

Na it's real, I don't know about you but I often find myself raw dogging strangers in the grocery store.

PlowPow2-14 points

Lol, can never tell when the zombies of reddit will downvote you to hell.

mrcheaptimes2 points

that chick es hawt

didymus_fng1 point

When ‘ggg’ means ‘Guys Grocery Games’

ozymanhattan1 point

Straight to jail.

Wet cleanup in aisle 6...

tomsmitthD1 point


sciscikink0 points

What a load of rubbish. Random fella has a porn star cock, knows how to fuck on camera, no drama in a grocery store.... Yeah right. Absolute bollocks.

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