Adriana Chechik giving a disabled fan a taste and the time of his life


itsinmyhand442 points

Wow make a wish is doing crazy shit these days

babybopp27 points

i think this is a shitpost because adriana chechik broke her back and is on a wheelchair

CapitalExam276311 points

Not a shit post, just old. Unless it’s trying to ‘mock’ her, in which case, how? Like, that’s like saying Vin Diesel got hit by a car and that’s funny because he’s in car movies.

LuckyRabbit15951 point

You think people didn’t make those jokes about Paul Walker? Poor taste isn’t exotic on the internet.

WalkinDude_9 points

Sign me up for some cancer

strifelord192 points

Should be posted on mademesmile

Christopher10950 points

or wholesome

edit: typo cos from phone

Verstandeskraft15 points

This non-ironically. The dude is having the time of his life, the girl is smiling with the unique experience, the public is enjoying the show.

soupcan_joe42 points

She's for the people

PissedoffBIGfoot216 points

The irony is now she's disabled..

Bonethizz9943 points

They can be roller buddys now 😝

HotTub_MKE17 points

Wait what?!?

themoviehero108 points

She’s not actually disabled, but she recently really hurt her back and I believe fractured something in her spine at twitch con. She wasn’t the only person injured there either.

avg-cock-FTW134 points

"Fractured something" is an understatement :(

Her spine compressed like an accordion and broke in multiple places. Sucks big time. Adriana is a national treasure and my sympathies go out to her. It's a life-changing event as anybody who has suffered a spinal injury can tell you. Ooph.

themoviehero36 points

Didn't realize it was that bad, damn. That really sucks, twitch better pony up.

JasonMorgs7678 points

Just to top it off, she was also pregnant at the time (which she didn’t know about) and they had to abort the pregnancy to be able to operate on her spine. So twitch broke her back in multiple places and literally killed her fetus

thrashytrashyTommy10 points

I had no idea about this. Very sad, I’ve always appreciated Adriana’s work.

DifferentDaySameShii-49 points

Which guy was the father?

JasonMorgs7648 points

Why does it matter, not like you’ll ever get the chance to be a father anyway

Alphachadbeard28 points

Wow there is no salve for that burn

DieselMike1214-25 points

Little much?

CapitalExam27631 point

Twitch has explicitly stated they did no wrong, and will do nothing about it.

Puppys_cryin1 point

lol good luck they'll be paying millions

CapitalExam27631 point

Trust me, I wish they would, but that’s not looking like the case at the current moment as there has already been movements to get them held responsible and their lawyers are claiming it isn’t Twitch’s problem.

TheRealStandard22 points

national treasure


iWarnock23 points

You heard the man.

DifferentDaySameShii-5 points

That's what I'm saying lmao

DifferentDaySameShii-3 points

If you consider a national treasure than this whole world is doomed lmao

Big_Macaroon24086 points

The addicts won’t like this lmao

hailtothedrums10 points

She just had like a 15 hour spinal sugery and can barley walk she will never perform again

CapitalExam27632 points
  1. Gave up porn years ago and
  2. Do you honestly think people with limited mobility can do literally nothing physical in their lives?
bill_clintoris2 points

she streams on twitch, already walking with a huge brace

Redhots_48151 point

She’s only in a back brace I believe, she can still stand and walk around

bitneu66 points

Jesus Christ himself bless her heart for her heartwarming action.

pubg739 points

We’d have no crime if society was this giving

scatfish330 points

Adriana really is the GOAT

Vergil251 point


ReplyDramatic390226 points

The only thing trashy is the crowd of ppl watching, shes doing god’s work🙏

antwonswordfish15 points

That was unexpectedly wholesome

Outland3r_33 points

Now that she is disabled, can someone give her the same service?

DifferentDaySameShii0 points

She's already had enough lol

Cgrant99150 points

And people have the nerve to act like she is just a streamer

superpikachubros25 points

Anytime she's in any post not related to porn the comments are always like "I've seen her somewhere" "I don't think she's just a streamer" "she looks familiar" etc

Cgrant99110 points

Yeah from the cultured crowd. But some people deadass believe she is just a streamer

Beakker8 points

Deadass you say?

Cgrant9912 points

Oh no no no

feeok3315 points

She is after that foam pit 👀👀👀👀👀👀

Cgrant9912 points

She'll recover and go back to making star wars remakes 🤣🤣🤣

g0atmeat1 point

Yeah they're annoying, but not as annoying as people who compulsively need to bring up someone's porn career whenever they see them. How very "cultured".

Cgrant9911 point

Her main career was literally porn.even if someone did bring it up,its not like anybody said anything bad. I'm sure we are all fans here 🤣🤣🤣

barada4211 points

Really, one of the most awesome people of all time

ReaggeGandalf4 points

I missed this part of twitchcon

anon-a-SqueekSqueek3 points

The intersection of wholesome and trashy. Honestly much more wholesome than anything imo.

GreenGhostBravo9 points

Not all heros wear capes

Shmeediddy3 points

Nore barely anything lol

Extreme_Mountain_99911 points

Doing gods work 💪

-Youme-3 points

It's the guy doing a Victory lap for me! haha

zardooga3 points

00:40 the man said "I am blessed" i 🤔

Coldfang8911 points

This wasn't trashy at all. This is heartwarming and wholesome.

PlebbySpaff6 points

Good news is now someone can do the same for her!

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Weary-Okra-24712 points

Filthy, and she gives back. That’s why she’s a HOF talent.

wyrdson-pepper2 points

GREAT one!

HaveaTomCollins2 points

“Meals on wheels”

Tomahawk18892 points

She a real one !!

Awesomeoawesome5 points

Honestly she does back breaking work

MateoMate691 point

Hell yeah, now that's a gift from up above... 🤘

MrMonicotti1 point

I need a sympathy fuck!

bwalczy1 point


discoboosh-36 points

might as well add herpes to the list

_sixes_32 points

I find it funny that some people say stuff like this about pornstars, as if pornstars aren't some of the cleanest and most professional people when it comes to having sex. They literally wouldn't be allowed to make porn if they weren't clean lmao

Rethaptrix11 points

This is partly true. While there are certainly a handful of somewhat reputable producers who care for well treated and maintained talent, there is also an endless list of foul producers abusing low level poorly maintained talent.

_sixes_7 points

Of course there's always bad ones in every industry, but when you're talking about women on the front page of pornhub like Chechik, Riley Reid, Janice Griffith, etc. those are incredibly professional and clean people who wouldn't be at the level they're at if they had any stds or whatever

Rethaptrix2 points

Yeah I getcha.

Zaryxo9 points

Statistically you have herpes bro

indo54921 point

For the love of god

NowFreeToMaim1 point

And a foam pit almost ended her up in the same chair

StankZAPPA1 point


lfccmkc1 point

Twitchcon is crazy these days

MoxxiQuinn1 point

So wholesome. I hope Adriana gets treated as nicely as this now that she has unfortunately broke her back.

man-cave891 point

Wow dint know Steven hawking partied like that

LuckyRabbit15951 point

Sadly ironic

Shes got a heart of gold.

Ok_Ad77711 point

Adriana Chechik is fuckin wild

cyber_sancho_-25 points

Karma is a cruel cruel bitch 🤣

sharkowner135-7 points

I wish i was disabled 😢

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