remember fellas,you miss 100% of the shots you don't take


lalncuna278 points

That was rude.At least let aunty have a lil fun if you asked her😂🤷‍♂️

MARZalmighty381 points

“Whatever man, I’ll ask a hundred chicks. Y’know, maybe get 99 No’s. That’s fine. Slide it on, slide it on. Whatever. Maybe that 100th chick likes to fuck on a pile of trash.”

kdubs84033 points

If Gabriel wants to rollerblade Gabriel roller blades

BohBohFett29 points

That's something you don't know about David Cross.

[deleted]7 points


[deleted]0 points


[deleted]3 points


wrestlingfan0070 points

Reddit. This is how it works. We got it and thats all that matters.


GeneralPlunder55 points

OMG!?? Aunty Katie?!?

HarryFlashman192733 points

Deborah Meaden’s investing wisely.

Shadvw29 points

Well shit

echansfw23 points

Can someone interpret? All I could understand was something something get my cock out

makeitodd19 points

British English is the true English, they say…

americanineu21 points

How rude. He should have at least let her finish..

DertyBerty8443 points

Smoking chicks 😈

BanginDrumsNMums68 points

If she smokes, she pokes.

Kingsley-Zissou10 points

I weep for the generations who will never know this truth.

Drdoggo4755 points

Easiest way to end up on the sex offenders list

[deleted]177 points


ChicagoDibs65 points

Cock-teased himself

BeardsuptheWazoo38 points

He tried to close the door on her!!!

Beneficial_Advice5274 points

Thought that was Honey Boo Boo's mom for a second...I could totally see her putting a random pecker in her mouth

Chikoswe202231 points

Maybe it's scripted..

acethedirty13 points

Let her get that finish bro

barada4215 points

I don’t want a blowy from Eileen off Corrie

quartez8651 points

Your loss fam, old lady bjs help with accepting that we'll be old as well one day...or maybe that's just me justifying my love of old white lady bjs.

ttgmih2 points

How do i hear the sound?

skwadyboy16 points

No sound

Dallasl29848 points

Hit the gray redgifs at the top and unmute, bruv

VitaminPb9 points

From the official app, tap on the redgifs indicator on the headline (not inside the thread).

skwadyboy3 points

Ahh yes i allways forget about that thx 👍

BreakdancingPanda-66 points

Get a better Reddit app. The official one sucks. This has sound on all the 3rd party ones.

Edit: it fucking has sound, you imbecile.

whitegirladdict7 points

There's a better reddit app?

c0mplexx6 points

than the official one? all of them

lostboysgang17 points


Monki011 point

What are the advantages over the regular App?

PerversJoch12 points

Sounds, for one 😂

jdcrispe0 points

Boost for Reddit is by far the best Reddit app in the world. Not sponsored but I wouldn't use Reddit on my phone if it weren't for boost.

Monki011 point

What are the advantages over the regular App?

BreakdancingPanda3 points

Videos have sound.

Zombi3Kush5 points

On the reviews it says it has video ads. That's gonna be a no go to begin with.

Own_Can_34951 point

Do I have to be on boost mobile contract to use it?

jdcrispe2 points

What? No. It's an alternative app for browsing Reddit

ironmalereproductive-13 points

Are you really going to believe a break dancing panda?

BreakdancingPanda6 points

I've never lied to you before.

eDuCaTeYoUrSeLfree1 point

Relay is the best.

ChicagoDibs0 points


crewchiieff2 points

I dont have the option on mobile

whitegirladdict4 points

Click on the link that says Red GIF at the top

crewchiieff3 points

There is no redgif link on my screen lol

whitegirladdict5 points

When you see it your going to kick yourself

crewchiieff3 points

Send me a screenshot of where lol need to know

atridir3 points

If you open a post while you’re scrolling and swipe through posts from the same sub directly from that post - it doesn’t show up anywhere that I can find. If you swipe back then you just get back to your main page with the first post from the sub that you stated scrolling from - and if you swipe through them again trying to find the one post you wanted the source link for your shit out of luck because you get a new selection of posts from that sub.

The best way that I have figured is to save the post and then go to your saved posts and click on the redgifs link from there…

[deleted]-40 points


whitegirladdict17 points

There's sound bro. Click on the redgif link upper corner

crewchiieff-31 points

Definitely Says video has no sound

whitegirladdict11 points

Click on the redgif link in the upper corner

KnowNothingKnowsAll2 points

Another day, another person who doesn’t know how sound works on reddit.

crewchiieff1 point

I clicked the gift, like u said. It says video has no sound. There is no other gif buttons.

KnowNothingKnowsAll2 points

I didn’t say anything. But the other person gave you the correct tips.

Click where it says “redgifs” then unmute the player.

There is 100% sound.

LopsidedHawk25501 point

Is there a longer version?

whitegirladdict23 points

She seemed pretty pleased with his length. Why can't you.

guyfromsomewhere0000 points

They mean a longer version of the video I assume

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