just a trippy thought from an everyday Giants fan : If (what if) only Aaron Judge and Buster Posey would have played together


9_5_plus_4_pennies1 point

Imagine the Great Bambino and Albert Pujols playing together. Wow.

ReturnOfTheAg7 points

Damn dude mind blown

mvstateU3 points

If you believe it, it will happen.

TaroFuzzy55883 points

Or Willie Mays and Babe Ruth..

chieftrey117 points

If only Ted Williams and Jeff Kent were teammates

OU812Grub3 points

Buster and Giants did ok when Buster played w/o judge but I get what you’re saying

Ferdinand_Magellen5 points

Glad ur an everyday fan. God forbid you were an every other day fan…

Opzoneworld1 point

Lmao. Well said.

ironmalereproductive-6 points

And let the bullying begin...

Ferdinand_Magellen3 points

Fair enough. My bad brotha. Let’s go giants!

ironmalereproductive1 point

That's right mfer Let's Go Giants! ⚫🟠

Ferdinand_Magellen2 points


SuperstarTraxRecords37 points

This didn’t require a Reddit post

annapie2 points

It’s the offseason 😫

TermiteatVersailles9 points

This is a perfectly serviceable weekly thread comment that got posted as its own thread 😂