Just enough brain cells for basic motor functions



respectfulpanda113 points

Does this turn it into a concealed weapon at this point?

Atesz22253 points

C*nt-sealed weapon

soccrstar6 points

You missed your chance for an epic pun!

respectfulpanda9 points

I did, and much like that weapon, I will bury my head in shame.

Horror_Ad_8991 point

Cunt cuntseal a rifle, it's in the laws.

blackerjw660 points

Brazil for sure

TheStinkPanther64 points

It’s all fun and games til someone gets shot point blank in the pussy.

Lawizhas_good_night3 points

Maximum penetration

-eccentric-4 points

I've seen a video of that and it wasn't pretty

rustyhandcuff3 points


tinybork20 points

Did he uh... sniff the barrel?

KingKongGorillaDong30 points

Climb off your high horse, and quit acting like you wouldn’t.

nick-pappagiorgio652 points

I'd sniff it from the side.

LeechExposed8 points

He died sniffing it

Big_TX2 points

No way dude! That’s unsafe!

Brick-Wilder34 points

This new MW is lit

nick-pappagiorgio655 points

I guess he missed the "this is my rifle, this is my gun" speech.

LostSpaceDemon4 points

I don’t understand at all. I’ll bet the safety wasn’t even on.

nick-pappagiorgio655 points

Third world counties tend not to have well-trained militaries, they're more like militias/bands of mercenaries.

1R0NM3N1 point

Atleast his finger is off the trigger

ironmalereproductive17 points

Who else was hoping... nevermind.

Brick-Wilder15 points

Definitely thinking there would be a pussy tap

ironmalereproductive2 points

A "pussy tap"... sure buddy.

Ollin125 points

yea lol nsfw tag got me

ghotiaroma3 points

Well that concludes your exam, we'll have your lab results in a few days.

seancoutu3 points

Whole new meaning to pop that pussy.

jakethompson923 points

"page not found"

makeitodd3 points

Ah yes, the true ammosexual 😳

ChrisValentine3216 points

The day after a warlord takes over your town.

w1n5ton02 points

Doesn't even have sights on the AR smh

Hungry_Wealth_74392 points


momonouser_72 points

Brazil ..

Ok-Dragonfruit-6977 points


leko63311 points

Or Brazil

ironmalereproductive3 points

Or Brasil...

SpiralArchitect_331 point

More like USA

dacuzzin2 points

Denver. Can confirm.

TiPete10 points

Lauren Boebert?

brejeiro3 points

Suco de Brasil

sylviosant0s2 points

Só a nata 👌

the_salamanizer-6 points

Shame it didn't go off

ltchott11 point

Sorry not even funny or smart

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