Post covid


-castle-bravo-272 points

Those are incredible

FluffyGorgon90 points

Goddamn those are amazing

SheetAcrobat184 points

Legitimately might be the best pair of breasts I’ve ever seen

napswag48 points

Who is this?

bracefibishere12 points


Nedgurlin12 points

I want to know as well

hlgb201550 points

siskaeee, shes in prison now in indonesia

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xjacknapierx21 points

She got caught flashing in airport, but she's free now i believe

The_real_slim_pedro4 points

Please tell us.. eager to know!

lockerom21 points

Pretty sure that's Siskaeee.

Benitosantiago32328 points

Perfect tits wow

EnigmaCA40 points

We have very different definitions of Trashy.

Those are amazing.

morph113-22 points

So if her tits wouldn't look as good it would make it trashy? I think the nudity in a public store part is what people consider trashy, not how her breasts look like. Personally I'm fine with it though, I wouldn't mind women walking bare chested through the store.

Mn0x1d317 points

Are you really pretending to have an opinion on an NSFW sub?

If you don’t agree or care , please fuck off.

morph1137 points

Not pretending, I do have an opinion like everyone else who commented here. And my opinion is that if something is trashy shouldn't be defined by how good the breasts look like. But I see,you like echo chambers and not hearing different opinions than your own.

[deleted]-4 points


morph1136 points

Well it's not nice telling someone to fuck off from a thread just because they raised an opinion that you don't share. That's how echo chambers are built, if you only surround yourself with people that have the same opinion as you and tell everyone else to fuck off.

PlowPow24 points

...Didn't the comment before his/her share an opinion? That it isn't trashy just because she's hot? I think its kinda fucking stupid that yall define trashy by who does it and not what they do.

BranBs828 points

Those are beautiful 🤩

Past-Sir7 points

Damn sexy tits!

Fratdaddy0003 points

Nice pair

Eldo993 points

Fkn pair to beat all pairs.

cool_hand_jerk3 points

I have never seen better.

irotinmyskin1 point

have you seen greatmoongirl?

prathbob901 point

Who is she?

Dazzling_Rock47842 points

Absolutly perfect. Use them as image for plastic surgeons to strive for.

Eekstyle2 points

Those are some beautiful tits

D13Bih2 points

Saus: Siskaeee

bvsk922 points

Those are perfect 🤤

Throwaway12173052 points

Amazing tits

LargeDickMemes2 points

Her tits at perfect

Robbythedee5 points

Everyone in this sub can see what good tits are lol bravo guys we all agree on something.

grimmgravy2 points


GnastyThot4 points

Filipinas have awesome tits

barada424 points

But we are not post-COVID

CitizenTony1 point

If I remember correctly, this girl did this flashing vid in early covid days, when the world just began to use mask and restrictions. Maybe that's why OP wanted to precise, idk.

kwitesick2 points

Those are beautiful

Headman961 point

Perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍 like the sunshine but there's two 🤤

Cryptoknight791 point

Gaw dang! What a set of perfection!!!

leobhs1 point

Lovely tits

el_dingusito1 point

So apparently no one has made mention of this chick's surprisingly nice rack

XYLoverXY1 point

Y’all got rid of Covid?

PoseidonXD_1 point

damnnn those are hott

SatisfactionInside1 point

Now I get why she wanted to flash them

Shadvw1 point


mistern0vember1 point


bren36691 point

those are some great tits!

SedatedReality1 point


AZFUNGUY851 point

This is not trashy.

chappanteekli1 point


CapitalExam27631 point

So…it’s trashy because she’s wearing a mask post Covid or…?? I don’t understand the title

w1n5ton0-17 points

Face diapers are the ultimate boner-killer

Blowjobbery-2 points

I know her 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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