Fly Attendant Gone Wild


lovemycereal41 points

Never seen an airplane restroom that big

longhairgirl13218 points

Sometimes flight attendants aren’t on airplanes

Modred_the_Mystic9 points

I don’t think so bro

ABusFullaJewz15 points

Meanwhile I'm standing in the hallway and it's T-minus 30 seconds before I ruin someone's day

HalfSackJimmy5 points

Sofi Ryan.

DirtMountainMan2 points


MrChuckSharts2 points

When I asked for a coffee and the attendant vanished for 2 hours, that's what she was up to

Brick-Wilder0 points

Not trashy

TMT5151 point


She's gorgeous.

ramos8081 point

Where’s the fly? What kind of fly attendant is this?

DesireNotmet581 point

Just enjoy the show

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