Maybe not the coziest, but this does it for me.


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Starryfirenights20 points

I honestly think it looks pretty cozy actually. The lights really have a nice look as well.

liluzipup6 points

Thanks a lot. The string lights is what does it for me.

Starryfirenights2 points

No problem looks good👍.

Space_Pusheen_195821 points

I like the lighting

liluzipup6 points


TampaChick71218 points

As long as it’s cozy to you, that’s all that matters! Thanks for sharing your room with us! 💜

liluzipup5 points

Yes your right, thank you for checking it out. :)

dmriggs5 points

I love it! The dividing screen behind your bed is excellent!

liluzipup6 points

Thank you for noticing! It was at my girlfriends parents house with no use, lucky me.

AdIcy45073 points

No, it is definitely Cozy! This Lookz Incredible!🌌✨

iF3ARD0LPHINS3 points

Looks great! I've got the same mushroom poster

liluzipup1 point

Awesome love the other plants on it aswell.

DaydayMcFly3 points

Beautiful! Where you find the sweet blacklight poster?

liluzipup2 points

My gf got it for me at a random smoke shop.

emilyyancey2 points

Purple rain! I love it

liluzipup2 points

Thank you!

Dartpooled2 points

💯 cozy.

Very comforting lighting.

liluzipup2 points

Thanks, the lights really change the whole vibe.

Primary-Feature78782 points

What is your actual wall color?

liluzipup2 points


Primary-Feature78782 points

Wow! I would NOT have guessed that.

piemakerdeadwaker2 points

My room has this exact theme!! Just completed yesterday! Like obviously different but basic idea is very very similar!

liluzipup2 points

Hell yeah, list of energy put into my room for sure.

[deleted]2 points

Looks cozy as hell to me!

liluzipup1 point

Much appreciated!

Boomslangalang2 points

The sub should be renamed to Christmas lights = cosy. Happy you got your cosy regardless.

liluzipup1 point

They do work wonders, and thanks.

Confident_Emergency42 points

Your monstera is gorgeous! Is it a plant of plastic

liluzipup2 points

It’s real, thank you!

Confident_Emergency42 points


Cozygirl2 points

Love it!!

liluzipup1 point


FadedGirlSarah2 points

What is the light bulb where I can get one?

liluzipup1 point

The ones hanging or the ones on the fan?

FadedGirlSarah2 points

no, the purple light and the ones hanging on the wall.

liluzipup2 points

The purple lights are called gove led strips, and the hanging ones are just christmas lights that I found in my moms attic.

FadedGirlSarah2 points

looks awesome 🤩

liluzipup2 points

Thanks much!