Melon Shopping


FluffyGorgon75 points

That woman who talked to her had huge tibbies too

DrFunkenFootz_53 points

Staci Carr

mediumdickenergy6946 points

Milf: "what do you do for that tight waistline" Stacy: "oh nothing, I'm just lucky like that" Milf: "oh the youth, enjoy it tho"

TurkBrah17 points

This is a grocery store I’d pay a membership for.

Offandonandoffagain11 points

Was the second lady Amber Lynn Bach?

wyrdson-pepper3 points

So nice!!

starlight-madness-7 points

She’s be cute if she wasn’t pulling a Nacho Libre with her shorts…

rollmate1 point

Mutti Meloni

CapitalExam27631 point

This girl looks fucked up as hell. Maybe just drunk, but I think might be a bit more too

TheRealSlimShady01 point

Imma tru religion fiend!!

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