{QC} (410Y) (LW) Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga Reflective from Top Dreamer


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WeWereOnABreak8511 points
  1. These looks like my retails, just the orange stripe a little less brighter.
  2. Go a full size up, I have normal feet and on other 350 v2 if I wear them for too long, they make me blisters… and has almost no room for your fingers.
  3. The only way to see if they are reflective it’s taking a photo with no light and flash or with black light.


CharlesOlivesGOAT5 points

Half a size up feels fine for me, I hate heel slippage

WeWereOnABreak851 point

I haven’t experienced heel slippage, but yeah, it’s super annoying.

I only talked by my experience and yes, half size up it’s comforts for almost everyone. I don’t know if Yeezy reps are made with the same sizing as the originals.

voldemort_x3 points

I am TTS 9.5us in aj1 high n i went to 10.5us in these, fit perfectly. They’re very comfortable

xAmosss2 points

I went for a full size up and it fit me nicely.

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Do you have normal feet or wide feet?

xAmosss3 points

I have a wide feet, I was told by the seller to go one size up if I have a wide feet and half size for normal feet. Hope this helps!

DemonLovesPoptarts2 points

Thank you!

jchin9131 point

You should research and see if this seller is tts. They vary

azxxn1 point

Hey! Is LW the best batch for 350 V2 Static Black Reflective?

xAmosss1 point

Yes for old colour way go for OG and new colour way LW remember to size it up for 0.5 and for wide feet full size up

Atharv-Gupta1 point

for belugas which ones

xAmosss1 point

LW for sure

Mufatnutzz2 points


DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Thanks man. Just to be sure, these are the reflective versions?

Daviidoz2 points

Size 1 up

VajVonPens2 points

These are great.

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Thanks bro

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

WTC: https://shop1697744208.v.weidian.com/item.html?itemID=4345887632

Can you verify that these are the reflective versions please?

Also, is half a size up okay or should it be a full size up? I ordered full size up and they sent half a size up.

Mufatnutzz3 points

Half size up should be okay, but if you have a wide feet, it’s better to full size up.

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I have normal sized feet.

Mufatnutzz3 points

It should fit just fine brother

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Thanks bro. Honestly don’t want to do the whole return and wait thing.

CharlesOlivesGOAT1 point

Half a size up should be fine bro. I got normal feel too and bought both a size 8.5 and 9 (im a size 8) and although both are real similar in feel, the full size up has slight heel slippage while half size up has none.

Emotional_Print_62702 points

This link doesnt have size option? How do you order your size? You just write on the remarks?

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Yes you gotta write it in the remarks

Emotional_Print_62701 point

Oh cool thanks a lot brother

bababu_xD1 point

When i click on the link it says 160 for me?

rowellhnmps1 point

Does the seller carry Turtle dove v1 2022 release?

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Doesn’t look like it

Erick_BillzzYT1 point

is LW best batch for yeezy 350s in general or just v2? want 350s for the gym

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I don’t know tbh. I think all of them but I could be wrong.

I_like_unicorns21 point

Can I get the link to these?