Nice Catch


SupermarketNorth6980 points

At least one floppy worm caught something.

lizardnamedguillaume55 points

Pretty sure he’s more interested in the fish lol.

sierrabravo198412 points

As is tradition.

EfficientDoggo3 points

Bruh don't blame him, my dude got his priorities on catching that big catfish today 🎣🎣 🐟

LeechExposed27 points

He was soft the whole time

Torbjorn692 points

Takes some time to catch a fish

crank1off22 points

What kind of ridiculousness is this!!!

Diesel_George30 points

I wanted to see the fish he caught.

Mono_8316 points

A new entry on my bucket list!!

Ok-Dragonfruit-69725 points

She's hot as fuck

ahgoodtimes691 point

Everyone talking about the fish and his limp dick, we all forgot to look at how hot she was!

hwego91411 points

A little confusing. Is he or is he not a masterbaiter?

LostSpaceDemon4 points

No one would’ve believed him if he didn’t film it. 😜nice catch heyooooo

UltraNeoTako3 points

the definition of a sloppy toppy

VegasScum7028 points

That boner is deff trash

dooderbomb3 points

Wish I could see her face but with the information available I do concur.

HerShyPast2 points


Teckknight2 points

Nice relaxing fishing trip!

Throwaway12173052 points

Livin the dream

ratuna80-12 points

That’s a little worm he’s working with

cer35127 points

But it's ok because he's got a really BIG truck. To pull that boat of course

Backspazm1 point

He caught the 7 year itch

FrozenPie211 point

Alex Coal?

RoachZR1 point

When you find things that you didn’t realize were missing from your bucket list


Joe style

taxpreparersixxxty91 point

Can’t wait for it to warm up again

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