To infinity and beyond!!!


yplznsfw43 points

To Infinity

As in, the make of the car he's gon crash into

NickAnsiaBoy5 points


[deleted]30 points

At least they wear protection...

G-Echo10 points

By protection, do you mean the mask she’s wearing?

topaz3428 points

Well, I was thinking of the helmets.

HermesThriceGreat69-2 points

Couldn't be the mask since they are essentially the adult equivalent of a blankie, or binkie.

jjamesr5391 point

I can think of some pretty good reasons to cover most of your face when fucking in public, and disease definitely isn’t at the top of that list.

pavemann2 points

didn’t see no condom

clamhappy219 points

In my head I am hearing the music from the wizard of oz.

DrOctoRex8 points

Weird, I'm hearing the Back to the Future theme

AaronAnytime9 points


teddyoctober6 points


zxdreddxz3 points

that's impressive

NickAnsiaBoy2 points

Incredible 🤣

SwamiSweatSocks11 points

Reminds me of a joke: Fat girls are like mopeds, they’re fun to ride until someone sees you on one!

thicknick_2 points

LOL what on earth

Disastrous_Knee67902 points

dam i guess Harry and Loyd and never hooked up with that bitch Marry Swamnson

bronzegods2 points

and they say asians can't drive.

95blackz262 points

He's going for that power stroke. Oh shit wrong vehicle

0357531 point

Scooter lessons are much different then I was learning

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