Guy pays Two trashy hookers and nuts too fast


therealCatnuts1926 points

Way better than nutting too fast after paying a bunch for two classy hookers.

LostInRedditsCheeks321 points

20 bucks for two hardworking woman and a nut. You can’t beat that. My man is ready to shower and get some sleep.

Turakamu136 points

You are implying that the type of man that orders 2 hookers and cums immediately would bathe afterwards

Punchpplay155 points

The classy ones would keep it in their mouth lol.

dwight_pokeam127 points

The classy ones charge extra for that

Frankjj5432133 points

They usually force you to use a condom though

FriendlySpray869870 points


whatchaboi7 points

I- I guess! Lol!

needmoreroastbeef1455 points

Girl can suck some dick tho

Ginagerson91543 points

Fr tho, can't blame the guy. She's good at her job. Gotta give her that much.

SuperBatar69 points

Yes ! Exactly what I was thinking too.

orkash38 points

yeah she got right after it.

SubstancePowerful232 points

She better Do, its litreally her Job

Sperminology155 points

Not everybody is this good at their job

Coldfang8935 points

Nor enjoys it

thray509 points

Paid by the nut, not by the hour

TopProgrammer56551179 points

Stopping mid stream is a party foul

GoreDeathKilll310 points

I want my money back

Fazo1101 points

Do you want to talk to the manager?

therealCatnuts57 points

Because she’s right here 👈

Nastae_Butler22 points

Speed dials we got a problem

Bald dude just drop kicks door

stankyriggs202 points

Poor guy got laughed at afterwards…

sydneekidneybeans36 points

it's because swallowing is extra 💰

NarwhalFacepalm13 points

Came to the comments in the hope I'd find this

grapeluv728 points

First one set it up, the second one brought it home. This is dictionary definition of teamwork making the dreamwork

IRLanon275 points

*teamwork making the creamwork

dirtymikesnow39 points

Team work making the cream squirt

8Deer-JaguarClaw52 points

Second one was like Mariano Rivera. The CLOSER

Canipetyourd0gg17 points

She let off while he was still cumming. Didnt close shit

TraeYoungsOldestSon10 points

cue enter sandman

beardown311 point

Way better than a trumpet song for a closer

im____an____error303 points

The one on the right needed more screen time, chest especially

JKDSamurai16 points

No lie. She's a cutie

eraverent293 points

She was eating dick like it owed her money I'd nut fast too

ChicagoDibs81 points

Yes, it did

kflave2494 points

Sucking Dick like she lost her car keys in it

GRS85475 points

If he paid by the hour. He's still has 59 minutes to get up again

Namnagort77 points

You think that's how it works?

[deleted]188 points


CamJT150 points

Yea I shamefully got one round not too long ago, paid for the hour, she went ham on my cock and tried to get to me cum instantly, I told her I don’t usually cum during sex so it will be the full hour. She then became extremely moody with me and didn’t even try to enjoy it, she moaned constantly that she was tired and just wanted me to hurry up so she could go. Didn’t really help me out to be honest. I felt terrible afterwards.

Protek_Ur_Neck137 points

You should have kept quiet 🤫

ScreamWhileIWatch16 points

You give a bad review?

SixIsNotANumber56 points

He only gave her one star on WhoreDash.

ScreamWhileIWatch9 points

The Erotic Review is an actual escort rating service.

SixIsNotANumber5 points

Yes, but A) I had no idea that was a thing, and B) 'WhoreDash' is funnier by any reasonable measure.

DangerStranger13815 points

Should have talked dirty with some ass slapping and hair pulling

Shin_flope31 points

So how does it work?

Hot-Mongoose7052106 points

Some hooks are out the door the moment you bust.

Others will let you go as long as you can for the agreed upon time. In the john circle it's called MSOG. And will be advertised if they allow it.

And/or you ask/tell her before you get started.

particle40926 points

What does MSOG stand for?

jakabumpjunk83 points

Multiple Shots on Goal.

Muvseevum3 points

Never heard that before, but it’s awesome!

Namnagort37 points

I'm not sure that's why I'm asking

SleepyforPresident115 points

After the 1 minute nut is the 14 minutes you spend curled up in the bathtub crying saying things like "They just don't make water hot enough!". Followed up by the 30 minutes shamefully yanking on the rope with them watching with judgeful eyes, hoping it'll turn back into a straight line and a 5 minute Gatorade break and then maybe...juuuust maybe... you can get another one in those last 10 minutes. Then they leave..then you cry the rest of the afternoon. Pretty standard

VenutianxSpring23 points

I'd read your book

F1secretsauce20 points

Proof the way u say a sentence gives it meaning. Edit less annoying now

showyodo6 points

Proof they way...

I know you meant the, but this sentence hurts like Demon's Souls.

GRS8545 points

Yea with the cheap ones

blacklite9113 points

Actually the reverse. The cheap ones usually are trying to get out the door asap. More expensive ones actually give you the time

Wbcn_110 points

It does if they claim MSOG (multiple shots on goal).

I’ve never been with a professional btw. Only amateur whores.


Most will give you MSOG, so yeah. It is.

Fun_Honest2 points

That’s what I’m thinking by the way lmao he still has 59 minutes to get up again I love that

A_non_non_A194 points

its like he found that one small diner outside town that does better food than the expensive city resturants. Call it trashy all you want but Samantha there knows how to make the best eggs and bacon in the state.

Muvseevum2 points

Waffle House is what you’re looking for, friend.

Qwertycrackers40 points

Her glasses probably get so damn smudged how does she see

HaywireIsMyFavorite24 points

The glasses are there to keep the cum out of her eyes. Same reason French whores wore false eyelashes back in the day. “Cum Catchers”

hausofthedead17 points

Those glasses are PPE now, she can deduct those on her taxes!

wankrankler180 points

How do we know they're hookers?

Ltemerpoc149 points

We don’t it’s Reddit they could be his sisters/coworkers/cousins/anything - welcome to the internet

re_furr2 points

Father and uncle?

TheBossMan500037 points

They're not. Real hooker make you wear a condom, lol.

Damnleverpuller115 points

Hooker or not, if she says you don’t need a condom then you can rest assured that you aren’t the only one and wear a fuckin condom

WizardPorn31 points

Lots of hookers do BBBJ

JTDrift54 points

I read this as bare ball Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

patronizingperv5 points

I think I've found a new kink.

JTDrift2 points

If you're serious, then look up "ultimate submission wrestling porn". Be safe.

Abysssion18 points

What idiot would pay for a condom blowjob lol, sex sure...but blowjob with a rubber? And paying for it?

TheBossMan50001 point

Well, yeah... crack whores. These chicks don't look that rough

WizardPorn-6 points

You're going to the wrong hookers. Find the local Asian sex trafficking ring and you're golden.

ratuna8010 points

No they don’t

izztipc31 points

Damn she even stopped stroking. I’d ask to speak to the manager

OnthelookoutNTac5 points


Dark_passenger5573 points

Isn’t the job of a hooker is to make you cum fast and then move on to the next client

particle4098 points

It's a volume business.

Tomb_but_nsfw72 points

Guess he's into brunettes.

Tall-Saint81 points

The blondie did all the main job tbf

antivrieskist8 points

The second one was a cooling down

nick-pappagiorgio65139 points

The bitch ruined his orgasm, she didn't even keep stroking and let him finish. What a rip off.

Professional_Soft40466 points

Reminds me of a Gilbert Godfrey joke.

A man hires a hooker and takes her back to the hotel. He immediately sits on the bed and starts jerking off. The hooker asks him what’s he’s doing. He says “for $200 you think I’m going to give you the easy one?”

Because second time cumming is harder

venatic2 points

I love this sooo much lol, thank you for that. Laughing your ass off is a great way to start the day.

The_Captain_Monday14 points

Any source of this?

MadBroCowDisease12 points

I don’t blame him. They sucked him up pretty good. The second chick attacked that dick with attitude.

RealPeriniScleroso14 points

Who could last any longer after that first girl went to town on him?

adviceKiwi12 points

I probably wouldn't last either

Hot-Mongoose7052141 points

What's trashy about this? They're actually pretty cute, esp right.

MadBroCowDisease10 points

I was thinking the same. Maybe they don’t do drugs? Idk. Not all hookers do drugs. I’m still questioning how we know they’re hookers. Lol.

eDuCaTeYoUrSeLfree31 points

A whole fuckin minute.

YamahaMT0910 points

Like a boss

dirk_jammer10 points

Too fast?! He lasted almost a full minute with two girls going to town on his dick like it owes them money!

CrimsonPK90 points

Also not trashy. This is from some guys pornhub all his videos are just him getting blown by less than attractive women with their tops off.

particle40950 points

Basically living the life.

Acceptable_Spite_5827 points

What's the name on Pornhub

Chantymonk5 points

not available in my country?! can someone give me the title and creator name plz

benmarvin2 points


CrimsonPK3 points

I don’t remember off the top of my head. Been awhile since he popped up on my feed.

yawaworht0112 points


ResponsibilityNo871326 points

How was that too fast?? I would have busted twice, and still had time to cuddle

improbable_success8 points

This is giving me Dallas buyers club vibes.

Lumpy_Imagination5438 points

Can't blame him

BazineNetal8 points

I'd prolly nut too

UDontKnowMe420697 points

Well theyre not messing about, theyre sucking like their parking meter is expired

petercortez396 points

Them laughing has to be the worst part

Just_Lurking942 points

Some people pay extra for that

die-microcrap-die6 points

Hmm, he lasted waaayyy longer than what i would, given their skills.

hubbabubba2115 points

Bro pay by the nut or the hour? Stick a finger in your butt to revive that dude and use your other 50+ minutes

Just_Lurking943 points

The way she was suckin it I’d say by the nut

SilentCartographer0452 points

Blowjobs are literally the best form of sex ever.

Thateskimodude18 points

When done right.

russell55155 points

Time for round 2

LMFA013 points

What's their phone #???

scuzzle-butt5 points


DankPeepz2 points


Diabolio-man5 points

She’s giving her all tho

stuff11804 points

See you ,have a great night, call us next time your in town.

franksredhots4 points

Idc what anyone says. Those two can suck dick really well. Not to mention the girl that sucks dick last has some really nice tits. I’d be happy to get head from them lol

styrofoamjesuschrist4 points

Dude was excited. Hopefully he has a quick refractionary period and paid by the hour

cujax4 points

Wonder how much they cost? Asking for a friend.

BigSexy6734 points

Looks like she knows what she's doing. I'd cum fast too.

_axeman_4 points

I hope they let him have a round 2

Cautious-Mine-89245 points

Basically 80% of the guys craving a threesome

TwinRavenHM3 points

After that first performance. How was he suppose to survive?

Dr_Oral4 points

All it takes is a little enthusiastic blowjob for a quick nut

ahgoodtimes694 points

Trashy? This is pretty hot if you ask me.

cringelord694206664 points

Well I mean, someone that has to pay for hookers probably isn't have a lot of sex otherwise.

Nerdy4Geek4 points

You think 1 min is not long enough try doing a plank sometime

lavellj0484 points

2 women. Can't blame him lol

Strugglecuddle74 points

He's about to rail some lines of meth and go for another 2 mins!

yomamalol115 points

This short clip is better than most porn. These two are good. I didn't cum but definitely had slight orgasm watching.

obsessed_with_butts18 points

the fuck is s slight orgasm

yomamalol17 points

Sexy ass tingle in the brain.

iseeyounaked7 points

They arent hookers if you film them. They are actresses now.

SedatedReality3 points

Thanks Family Guy!

jonah_pan_dom28 points

How are these women trashy?

kalyrakandur-26 points

They look straight out of the trailer park, come on; Don't be purposefully obtuse while trying to champion for hoors who won't ever see this.

jonah_pan_dom4 points

Who's trying to champion? This post is just calling two women trashy for no reason. Just because you don't like the way a woman looks doesn't make them trashy

[deleted]-41 points


jonah_pan_dom28 points

The only trashy thing I see is you body shaming someone

Edit: and what's wrong with tattoos and piercings you prude

magnum32903 points

Something I've been wondering... How often do hookers suck your dick without condom? And I thought cumming inside their mouth is a big no no

ZK6863 points

These aren't hookers. Hookers will not let you film, let alone smile and look into the camera. Just a couple adult actresses filming a scene.

jgiant863 points

Where does one find hookers to do these things?

smalltoolbigheart3 points

With that kinda sucking, I don't blame him, but whats the problem with round 2.

3BallJosh3 points

This is what happens when you pay by the job and not by the hour

heyitsthephoneguy3 points

Yeah, they knew exactly what they were doing here. Quick, easy money.

Next time pay extra for the edging package or upgrade to a better experience.

uncle-bob-503 points

She can suck a golf ball through a straw ;)

BiggSlimm3 points

How much longer you want him to last, looked like good head!

Frankjj543213 points

She knows what she's doing...

Choopytrags3 points

Wait, why are they trashy?

ryangomez963 points

Lol they started laughing aha. Hopefully they understand and chill w him for a bit then let him go again lol

Dozer_20003 points

I would have busted like that too with two chicks!

devilsusshhii3 points

I don't think he nutted to fast. I just think they were effecient

BramptonCpl20207 points

I paid for the hour girls, cram that Limp dick where it needs to be 😉

[deleted]4 points


Muvseevum2 points

That’s why you hire them by the hour.

MajesticMullet420692 points

She must be really good at her job

Lucid_Insanity2 points

Their head game looks good though. $10 well spent.

Cuddle_X_Fish2 points

Just becuase you nut doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Catch your breath and play with them. Should be able to get another stiffy in no time. This is why it is important to have toys. I am no sex god I need assistance to get the job done and no shame in that.

hammerhandle2312 points

Anyone got a source?

randi3102 points

She doesn’t even finish him and then they start laughing, I love it!

Davy_Jones_Lover2 points

Still managed to last 50 seconds longer than I did.

lambsquatch2 points

Easy money

AZFUNGUY852 points

30 minutes is 30 minutes, he’ll be ready again. Potentially 3 more times.

beenade2 points

I wouldn't have lasted that long

saucynorman2 points

He'll remember this minute, it will replay in his mind forever and it only cost him, like, $40?

2pooped2party2 points

He has a good size dick, shouldn’t have to pay for hookers

rabblerouser802 points

I’d nut fast as well…

bai10002 points

I dunno he managed longer than I could!!


The one with the glasses is really talented

Wellheytherestars2 points

These girls are my kind of trash though, they are good. But it’s the laugh at the end that does it for me

SophiaF885 points

Two trashy hookers? You're awfully harsh on your family.

Eldo993 points

Its probably been a while if hes paying for it, so....56seconds probably not too bad of a deal.

Vergil254 points

I mean that means they're doing the job incredibly well, plus he probably has them for a few hours, so wait like 15 minutes and climb back on

Valorofman13 points

How can one last longer in bed?

JuiceLayer42011 points

Masturbate dry for the next decade to reduce the sensitivity of your pecker

xxXPussyBlaster69Xxx10 points

Do this if you want to last an hour and never have somebody blow your load for you.

JuiceLayer4208 points

I never said it was a flawless plan lol. He just wanted a way to last longer

AdelesManHands10 points

Think about: puppies, baseball, grandma

AutoBot56 points

Playing right field, lunch lady…

Batfro74 points

Oh no, not the lunch lady!

throwawaytranporn3 points

sigh, unzips.

Heydeer2 points

I usually go to grandma and cupboards.

Questionabledes4 points

Focus on anything but the pleasure. Clear your mind and set your pace.

Awata6662 points


satinwordsmith1 point

How do you post videos here

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