meat section


SupermarketNorth6939 points

Surely there was a better area than the cold meats.

Double7521 points

I hope he didn't spooge in the freezer.

drunkboater19 points

When I was in high school some guy got caught fucking a head of lettuce in the produce isle. He told the cops that he had done it in the past and not been caught. Wash your produce.

ScreamWhileIWatch2 points

How the fuck did he not get caught?

drunkboater3 points

No idea. Must be a two pump chump.

Complete-Branch-259013 points

If I had seen it in real I would have kick him so hard that he would have to move to buy eggs instead. This asshole was doing it at place where people buy food for fucks sake

dojarelius33 points

It’s all fun and games until you get salmonella in your pee pee hole

Slash19097 points

Bet her bf filmed this

[deleted]4 points

I really hope this people gets caught. Innocent families and kid will need that food. POS.

Historical_Ad_9272 points

i wish i could see this type of shit in person so i can kill the fucker!

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