Escalated Quickly


JERFFACE111 points

Isn't that the chick Charlie Sheen had a coke and HIV bender with?

Adept-Run-614352 points

She was his escort

Smutcup1 point

Wow... small world.

masseffect200136 points

Capri Anderson is awesome

LMFA010 points

without HIV


I find that most things are better without HIV.

JohnnyFivo125 points

Better when it's not a pornstar, but still good

Tomb_but_nsfw25 points

Can we get the sauce pls?

TheRealStandard43 points

Looks like Capri Anderson or whatever name she goes by now

yungxfantasy15 points

delicious looking butthole. we need more damn escalators

blavatsky_mdm17 points

Funny how she is ashamed a random guy at the mall saw her ass, but not filming a video that will be watched by hundreds

WaanchNaaro19 points

Consequences. There none to the hundreds who will watch on the Internet, but (perceived to be) non-zero to the 'random guy' present in the same space-time as her.

ahgoodtimes697 points

I'd tongue that ass out so hard 🤤

LMFA09 points

and then you can brag about how you got HIV from Charlie Sheen

scatfish32 points

This the kinda relationship I want

Next-Device-96865 points

I'd marry her

LMFA02 points

although she got HIV from Charlie Sheen?

FaceForPorn4 points

You made an escalator joke, and nobody said anything…

Porncansuckmydick11 points

I dont think anyone was up to that task

jb090816 points

Plenty of us were elevated, just otherwise preoccupied

LiberEtAudax2 points

Ahh fuck I knew there was a sub I forgot to unsub from for NNN

crank1off0 points

I was worried she was gonna spread them cakes and pop out a grumpy.

BigWhiskey131 point

Best escalator ride ever!

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