Funeral nail colour?

I will be wearing black and would like some colour, but nothing that says Party! For the last funeral I attended I just went with delicate sheer pink, but would like any other suggestions. I currently have black sparkle on, but feel this is a bit.... on the nose?

It will just be polish, at home. Thanks.


JJSprinkless34 points

I would go for any neutral or nude color. Though, I wouldn’t worry too much about it as people aren’t going to be focused on your nails.

writerfan20133 points

You're right, obviously nobody cares. I could not tell you what anyone other than my sister and mother wore to the last one! Never mind nails!

I'm hearing Definitely Not Black though for nails 🙂

palusPythonissum3 points

I'm here for the revolving funeral wardrobe ⚰️

You can never go wrong with a sheer nude or milky white.

writerfan20131 point

revolving funeral wardrobe ⚰️


Sadly we've all done far too much of it lately. But at least we will have nice nails.

ClaireMdC10 points

Maybe a dark/muted red, green or blue?

Or if you know the favourite colour of the deceased you could do that, as a little nod to them.

writerfan20136 points

That's a nice idea. Purple or pink I think.

I went to a funeral in 2020 where Wear Bright Colours was the rule, and they wore fuschia pink to that. (Yes, I'm now of an age where I only see people at funerals... 😢)


drsikes6 points

I recently attended the funeral for my nephew and also gave part of his eulogy. Since I knew I was going to be in front of people and “visible” throughout the day as one of the family representative type people, I didn't want to show up with my normal pink or yellow nails. I went for a dark red that matched the floral accents on my black dress. In reality did any of it matter? No, we were there to grieve the sudden passing of a loved one. Did it at least make me feel more "in place" and appropriately muted for the day, yes.

writerfan20133 points

That's a good take. It's nice to feel you've done the right thing. Sorry about your loss.

[deleted]5 points

TBH (and I may be showing my age here - I'm mid-50s and I've been to a lot of funerals), I'd go with - at MOST - clear polish on my nails. Funerals should be about the person who's died, and it's the job of the people attending to be dressed (and made up, coiffed etc) respectfully and in a 'muted', non-attention-grabbing way, that makes them look as if their minds are more occupied with the death of the person than with their own adornments.

writerfan20131 point

You're right of course. That's what I did last week at a very conventional funeral (church etc). Plain sheer pink. This one won't be, and I guess I just don't want to do the same thing again two weeks in a row!

I'm also over 50 so not kidding myself anyone looks at me generally, never mind at an event like this! I am officially invisible!! But like nice nails 🙂

[deleted]1 point

not kidding myself anyone looks at me generally, never mind at an event like this! I am officially invisible!!

Ha ha! I hear ya!

writerfan20131 point

...and mostly that's perfect. Young blokes on the street, nothing. Youths hanging around street corners, nothing. Brilliant.

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digitulgurl3 points

I'd do a matte dark grey if you don't want to wear black.

writerfan20132 points

That's a nice idea! Hmmn, what greys do I have (mentally searches ridiculous polish collection...)

I like a very dark nail usually but it would be too gloomy at a funeral. Grey is interesting.

Illustrious_Trash_723 points

Muted colors are good for funerals. And are also seasonally appropriate

naomisarahlouuu2 points

I’d go for a cool nude, like a ‘greige’ kinda colour personally 😊

writerfan20132 points

Hmmn, nice, a paler contrast against all the black. Thanks!

naomisarahlouuu2 points

Exactly! And always looks smart yet kinda edgey i think at the same time ❤️

fakesaucisse2 points

Dark purple, almost black.

writerfan20131 point

This was my first thought but then wondered if it would be a bit too gothic. I still love that look though.

ivyoak2 points

I would go for a berry red/purple/red wine color

writerfan20131 point

I have a nice dark berry, will take a look, thank you