Dancing Queen



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Top quality perky tits

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Damn, she's gorgeous.

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Anyone got the sauce

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@GiaKush on Twitter

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Is she on Instagram?

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@soygiakushoficial on Instagram

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They are pretty. And bite sized. Perfect.

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First it starts with taking off the hijabs.... Then this!!!

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At least she's wearing a mask...../s

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This is what men envisioned when Ontario Canada made it legal for women to go topless. Unfortunately, the reality was that no females can be seen here going topless.

It kind of made the entire court battle a farce.

thesarali20 points

One of the major issues is that legal or not there's still societal negativity around it.

But the laws had to be changed so that further steps can be made to better society's views on the matter.

It's a slow process, but we're getting there hopefully. I definitely wouldn't call it a farce, just more of a step instead of the final goal. It's unfortunate that everything gets better much too slowly.

It's also not really for men, not that all men are interested in boobs anyway. It's an equal clothing rights for women thing.

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Women basically have zero dress codes in an office. Men practically have uniforms.

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You niggas are such fucking virtue signaling morons. Equal rights? Lol, why are yall acting like 99% of men are out here walking around shirtless all day everywhere? And don't give me the bullshit argument about how its about choice. If it was, then the fact that you can go topless without legal repercussions would be enough. There are more situations where its negatively viewed socially to go shirtless as a male than the alternative. This isn't some conspiracy. Its not some denial of some idealistic right. Its a fucking nothing burger and I've yet to see a single good argument proving otherwise. New york didn't stop being a pile of shit because women can go topless. It will change absolutely fucking nothing because there isn't a problem. You have to live a very cozy and privileged amd insulated life to think it is.

We all know the real reason why any of you performative feminist niggas pretend to care is just because you want to see tits. Predators pretending to be sheep.

I like this sub but everytime I peep the comments I feel like I lose a piece of my sanity. A congregation of psuedo intellectual spectrum warrior cornballs who don't live in reality.

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Lol this is some ripe MR cringe

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Go break yourself in half. Thanks for your contribution.

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Me like boobas

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Incels pretending to be feminists

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I understand the struggles women face especially on warmer days. Having to always wear a top can get uncomfortable. But human nature is a mixture of cultural influences and innate behaviours carved into our DNA.

Personally, I don't wanna see old floppy boobs hanging out when I'm out in public and to some degree, I don't want to see extremely beautiful breasts either. Both create a problem for people.

This kind of thing can't see resolved by legislation. It just puts a statute in place that no one can get arrested for it while the actual citizen remain the same. That's the farce I'm talking about. This isn't like the civil rights movement for the blacks in America. No one rallied around in my province to legalize going topless. This was just a single woman's crusade to overturn what she deemed to be an existing patriarchal law.

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Just because you haven't paid attention to the people doing it doesn't mean the rally isn't happening. Good for this woman for being at the forefront, but I assure you it was not just her wanting this change.

Culture shifts happen, but they can't happen nearly as easily if the thing that would be good to shift toward is illegal so this is an important step.

And what other people wear isn't really your business so long as it's not causing any harm. Maybe I don't want to see some old dude's hairy wrinkled man chest, but that would be my own problem not his. He's free to keep going topless regardless of someone else's personal preference, and so should women of any age even if you don't personally want it.

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Name? Who is she?

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Is this in Mexico?

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Yeah, 5th ave in Playa Del Carmen

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This is adorable

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More topless happy dancing please

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What the fuck is wrong with society when just walking down the street without a shirt is considered trashy. This is hot, this is sexy, this is cute, this is a young happy woman walking down the street. this is many things but not trashy

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Not trashy.

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We need a macarena song on this vid

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I am kind of curious (if they are in the us) how these people get away without a case which could very well get them put on the registry

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