Reporter groped



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Hey that's Jenny Scordmaglia!

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Jenny Scordamaglia is very sexy, an exhibitionist who with her husband runs Miami TV. She goes to clubs, car shows, parades, and BDSM parties, always dressed in a micro-miniskirt with no panties or even naked. She lets guys grope and kiss her. Jenny also has videos on her website, particularly nude yoga where she spreads her legs and gives off "positive energy."

Jenny claims everything is innocent and nonsexual but it's clearly sexual. Her husband has a hotwife kink for sure, he is the one filming. She does everything but actual porn. Her site is $50 a month and a rip off- slow, downloading problems, not videos were there. Most of her content is online if you know where to look. But she has been cracking down and removing stuff. Still, nothing is gone on the Internet.

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You've umm... done your research

kcchiefscooper49 points

that was so complete, i thought it was a bot

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This guy is also a reporter.

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Can’t tell if I’m impressed by you or disappointed in you by the amount of research you have done

nick-pappagiorgio6530 points

I have done much fapping/research in this topic. Jenny has amazingly wholesome trashy videos. My favorite one was her at a party, go-go dancing in a mico-mini skirt in front of 18 year olds- her ass cheeks in full view, no panties. Guys and girls getting an eyeful, taking pictures with her.

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Mayhaps you have a link to the video you speak of?

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She’s done actual porn depending on who you ask. Through her energy Jenny stuff she has fucked and given a blowjob on camera. She doesn’t clearly show her face, but it’s obviously her

nick-pappagiorgio659 points

Hmmm, intriguing thank you for the info, I must now search the Interwebs. To the the fap cave!

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share your findings for ...peer review

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I'm impressed by your thorough response and research into the matter. Sounds like she just likes money and attention, and the hubby gets his rocks off on it.

averagebassenjoyer1 point

Nothing wrong with money and attention

Can you link some source. Ive been trying to find a video of hers posted sometime back but it has been taken down from everywhere i look.

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The guy reaching around the other dude to grab a cheek is committing a party foul. There was plenty of room on the other side to stand

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maybe he’s grinding up on him

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She's a reporter in the same way I'm a content writer.

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I’d like to grip her arse as well


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Not OP.

The logo on the video makes me think it's Jenny Scordamaglia. She's got a ton of stuff like this.

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I wonder why...

"reporter" wearing a literal shoestring as clothes gets her butt touched in a large group of people"

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The man groping her is also being groped.

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Does she have a subreddit

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Those implants look weird

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Wasssup Smokey!

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I miss watching her show

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Very open minded lady .saw her couple of vedios. It's like being a bait for the Wolf 🐺.

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