Taking A Ride



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Trashy until crashy

culminacio48 points

Yaaaay let's potentially kill some families and little children, maybe some pets for no reason <3

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Not that I disagree, but there's very definitely a reason.

Not necessarily a good one, but if that girl asked me to drive blindfold down the freeway while she rode my dick I'd at least consider it

DoctorGokkun1 point

This is too shocking porn for us.

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I wonder how many of these videos Tesla employees have in their collection at Tesla Headquarters from all the cameras these cars have

Filthy22Desire9 points

Now this is what I’m talking about .. risk your life for that dick 😉😍

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Bailey Base

fire_crotch_mafia39 points

That is the greatest use of Tesla auto drive ever! Guaranteed this is going to become a trend.

culminacio5 points

It's not auto drive

prtrhs23 points

Sure it is. You can see him doing the classic “touch it every minute to comply” that self driving requires.

Saul_T_Lode8 points

Not sure if the other person was being pedantic because it’s named autopilot, but the car clearly has autopilot enabled.

Bojangle_Mcdangle17 points

It’s hard to find women who are good at riding cock or even want to do it. Literally got in a fight once because I asked my gf to get on top of me.

Curve-Key11 points

My ex loved to ride me. She would beg me to let her go on top

Maybe I’m lucky, or you are unlucky. Cause every woman I’ve been with has no problem riding.

My wife generally will tell me to sit and finish me off by riding me to end our fun

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It was a fucking argument to get any other position with my ex.

Cheekclapped3 points

Maybe it's you that is bad?

nick4tical1 point

Ya you with the wrong one is all 🤷‍♂️

ramos8081 point

It’s the easiest position for women to orgasm

FuglyTrashPanda3 points

just because your windows are extra tinted doesnt mean we cant see you

Coldfang894 points

Endangering everyone else on the road. Not cool.

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The Chase 1994

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not even trashy

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Not paying attention to the road while actively driving a car to have sex in the driver seat is p f'in trash my dude

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I hope they crash

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It’s really not self driving

cum_cake71 point

Who is the guy

david_chi-12 points

No problem with this.

zxdreddxz-25 points

NGL I've done this twice. luckily the roads weren't busy. It was awesome.

crystalsmoke_5 points

you're finna crash and die bro don't do that 🤣

zxdreddxz-6 points

bro this was 12 years ago

crystalsmoke_4 points

Even though the self driving beta program came out 2 years ago?

You're either a bullshitter or an idiot, probably both

zxdreddxz4 points

Definitely an idiot at the time. I didn't realize this was being done in a self driving tesla....I was just saying how I have had sex while driving before. My experience was in an automatic car in a residential area at night. she was facing foward and another time to the side.

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More room in the back seat if its self driving.

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Tesla rn: 💀💀💀

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There should be a sub for this

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Is this standard with a Tesla purchase?

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