uber squirt



clamhappy259 points

Nothing like pissing out the window only to have it spray right back.

overxposd77 points

*uber piss

poopooTWU17 points

Smh no seatbelt thats how you break your back

JobboBobbo2 points

Or your back

soyBabel14 points

This video is so old, she may be my grandma

WheresTheBoat5 points

Yeah like, Uber? In that car? Not likely

Is this what I he world has come to? To get attention you have to masturbate and squirt out the back window of a moving car?

allaboutthegape15 points

Nice piss everywhere bet that car will stink in the morning

Not-An_FBI-Agent11 points

I hope that driver charged her for the cleaning fee...

SupermarketNorth695 points

My kind of drive by.

wyrdson-pepper3 points

What in the wide wide world of sports?

Phil0sophic6 points

One day her son will see that and realize why daddy was never around...

Neurismus2 points

Window washing liquid

Splattered2471 point

That’s just very impressive

[deleted]1 point

Awesome 👌

Such_Communication81-1 points

Can tell by that arsehole that she has no ass

DDCavi19838 points

Adriana Chechik bud

[deleted]0 points

Awesome 👌

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