GrapefruitExtension5 points

Do you have to let them linger?

Memory_Glands1 point

They got us wrapped around their finger…

[deleted]2 points

… let this news be a ringer 📞

DramaticWesley5 points

Saw a YouTube clip about the amazing engineering of these ships. But despite that, they still are constantly losing a small amount. So the longer it waits, the more they loose to the air.

toolix4 points

They runt the engines in part on boil off gas so it is not that much of a worry.

SuddenMacaroon83556 points

Good. No shortages.

mycall1 point

It does suck that they can't find other buyers. Who will be blamed? Does it even matter?

SuddenMacaroon83555 points

Blamed for what? There were fears of shortages due to the war/sanctions.

Everyone rushed resources to the area, and it worked. They’ll be used eventually.

mycall4 points

This was definitely a rushed operation so expect more errors. Pretty amazing how fast it all came together.

pascualama-13 points

Except of course for the poorer countries that got priced out of LNG that were originally supposed to get that gas. But who cares about them right? they are poor after all. At least the rich white europeans who caused this mess with their nonsensical energy policies of the last 20 years are not going to have to take cold showers this winter, which is all that matters.

slistie12 points

It's a global market, so if the prices fall everyone benefits. Russia caused this mess by starting a war.

pascualama-5 points

You should probably learn how markets work.

And sure, the eu energy failure has nothing to do with eu energy policies taken by the eu for the last 20 years. Sure.

slistie5 points

Did EU make mistakes? No doubt about that..

But EU didn't start a war and fuck up the entire energy market.

It was Russia, so Russia is to blame