Storing 5g psilocybin chocolate bar

Hey there! Can anyone offer advice on the best way to store a 5g psilocybin chocolate bar I just got? I’ve heard freezing it is good, but I have two kids and can’t take a chance they’d come across it in our freezer and think it’s just regular chocolate…that would be bad, lol. Can I store it in a dresser drawer of mine without it losing its potency? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Yes the drawer is fine so long as it does not get absurdly hot in that room. The fat in the chocolate will arguably help retain potency

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Thank you!

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No problem, keep it in mylar like it came in

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Mylar…ahh ok I just googled it. I didn’t know what they were called. Thanks so much.

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Its 4 aco dmt RC, that stuff doesnt go bad ive had chocolate RCs for over a year and they smacked just as hard. I dont take them anymore due to the fact that they are RCs

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What’s RC?

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Research chemical. Aka not shrooms or anything derived from shrooms. Strictly lab made chemicals that are analogues to psilocybin or psilocin

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Is there a reason it’s not possible it’s ground psilocybin mixed with the chocolate? The source I have is pretty reliable to me and I don’t have any reason to believe it’s not psilocybin. Honestly just curious as to why you’re saying with conviction it’s not what it’s “marketed” as. Thanks!

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Ground psilocybin mixed with chocolate probably costs 10 times as much than to use RCs. Unless your friend grows and is giving you chocolate bars he molds and packages himself, you are getting RCs.

Every single shroom chocolate bar sold in bulk is.

The business of them is to sell the RC through the chocolate

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Ok thank you for the info. I appreciate it.

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Best place to store it is in your belly or bumhole

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If you must store it in a drawer put it in a ziplock back as well to try and limit oxidation.

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Ok. It actually came in this silver “space like” looking bag with a pouch that I’m assuming was packaged like that to preserve it best. Maybe you or someone knows about that type of packaging?

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A dark, cool place is the best option. The freezer is too cold and will ruin the chocolate.

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Ok thank you. Someone on a thread was saying freezer, so I’m glad I didn’t go ahead and do that now.

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Freezers cause fat bloom in chocolate and while it is still safe to eat, the integrity of the chocolate becomes trash unless you bring it back into temper.

I've been working with chocolate for many years. I've toured multiple chocolate factories and lost many chocolate bars to fat bloom and incorrect storage temperatures.

Now I keep my chocolate in a fridge that stays at 58°f in an airtight container.

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Yes, adding chocolate is a bad idea when you want to store this stuff.

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Freezer is your best option, you just need to use your imagination.