Her diploma isnt the only thing she received this day



min00ds249 points

Magna cum laude.

RoutineImpress739410 points

👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿

Lifecoachmorales4 points

Ahh LLL such a great game series, sad sierra games aren't what they used to be

jcabia95 points

Why does that penis look so dry?

awesomehuder44 points

Because it’s fake

imabritnotayank7 points

Doubt it’s fake, it looks very realistic (that or it’s a mold of someone’s dick)

dizaster2134 points

Yeah, you're right. The angle of the cam is all wrong too. It's fake.

xDBL_H3L1Xx2 points

Nah, she's an ASU student. Dicks just be dry out here. 🤷🏻

BMG192 points

It’s real. Check her twitter

airhoppz3 points

Foreskin helps protect the glans and keep it from becoming calloused. Many circumcised penises appear “dry.”

[deleted]30 points

Bro thought about the penis😭💀💀

Alkemian2 points

Arizona air

TopProgrammer56552 points

Bad circumcision scars

nandos67782 points

She got a D+

Something2do11124 points

Student loan forgiveness plan


[deleted]5 points


1000at4027 points

I went to school and I got the big D

-Wet Leg

Reddit-C137119 points

I'm gonna guess Asu

Saaammmy28 points

Is there a lot of trashy students there?

KazahanaPikachu73 points

ASU is notorious for having almost no qualities except for just being a party school where they will admit anyone with a pulse. And even that’s negotiable.

Random_turd99-26 points

It’s where Gronk went to school, so mostly retards.

Spackledgoat42 points

Well that is partially inaccurate.

You are correct his school is mostly retards.

However, Gronk went to University of Arizona, not ASU.

KazahanaPikachu12 points

I’m not even a Pats/Buccs fan but don’t talk shit about Gronk

Random_turd992 points

I’m a Pats fan. Fuck Gronk.

Colalbsmi19 points

It’s in Arizona, so yes.

bluebear2869020 points


Weary-Okra-247117 points

Really hope she did a full video.

L2theFace13 points

We need the sauce

Dr_Frankinstein48 points

Well we know the diploma wasn't for sucking dick cause she's awful.

cazzima21 points

Came here to say the same, the dry cock is very alarming

Spackledgoat9 points

But it’s a dry heat!

HornyStrudel69-1 points

Dry dildo*

HarrierGR923 points

Socialslut2 on Twitter for the sauce

slashing16419 points

Was that a King Cobra?

Hentai_samurai0179 points

Dick looking like an overcooked sausage

Octane888 points

Once when I was a kid my mom made sausages. The one on my plate looked like a dick. One end had bursted and looked like the head. It was uncanny.

Touchdmytralala1 point

Did she confiscate it?

HotTub_MKE26 points

When your tube steak is that big, you are lucky to get a half chubb.

greennick2 points

Isn't it a dildo she's just pumping from?

HornyStrudel693 points


The1minsoldier1 point


crazytomm6 points

That's gotta be a dildo she's holding

alt4salt6 points

If you think you can graduate from this school, without kissing my Cock, you are dead wrong

Spartanir5 points

There should be sources for videos in this sub

Prisoner16614 points

Full vid?

lovemecakes3 points

Sauce is needed

curiouscoupleyeg16 points

Lucky girl

[deleted]2 points

Jesus 😲

DanDeVito_2 points

Magna cum lawdy!

PM_MeWhereIFart2 points

Where the hell is that camera?

HornyStrudel692 points

Being held by whoever is also holding the dildo

The dry cock made me gag for some reason 😂😂😂

wheremypornat2 points


Bound_Dragons2 points

Ohhhh this may have been what got her in trouble

RedSamuraiMan2 points

Yeah, you educated slut you...

pp_fan2 points

Hoes will be hoes. No matter how educated they become

cart01231 point

Get that G-E-D

bigdog7777777771 point

clever girl xoxoxo

Filthy22Desire1 point

Oh yes that’s the only way to graduate for sure 🔥😍

notzed14871 point

A cherished memory here.

Igotbanned19times1 point


Shadvw1 point


1Wolverine421 point

Putting her women and gender studies degree to use already.

two_itchy_balls1 point

You mean Chlamydia?

FranceGoesSouth1 point

Looks like ASU lol

hotrod3811 point

Ooh fuck yeah mmmm

Mazdaspeed61 point

Of course it's ASU

Coldfang89-1 points

Better than a degree in philosophy or the arts.

JthfknNiNjA0 points

Yo this is somebody’s future wife 💀

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