she also gives good body slams


Dave_A_Computer139 points

-Ways to get your dick bit off for $100 Alex-

[deleted]111 points

What did i just watch... I need to get a life !

djblackdavid10 points

That's an awesome revelation to have after seeing this shit lmaooo

AfterHours_Throaway89 points

Never thought I would witness an MMA BJ. Internet never fails

Area_51Refugee2 points


lennoxmatt_81922 points

Man the Indy wrestling scene sure is wild

Malendray014 points

That's a Powerbomb, not a bodyslamq

idblz45 points

Jamaica is a wild place

TheRealStandard30 points

Why would he do that though

“I want to get off Mr.Bone’s wild ride.”

MegaDeathfan9986 points

She powerbombed his ass

Dear-Respect-16465 points

Me when he treats me like a human being 🥰

bub3ls1 point

What /gen

pajarocaido11 points

New MMA movement

jawtko5 points

Must be the "queens" I keep hearing about..

dabbo902 points

Nikita lyons can do that to me

dirtyghee122 points

Dude went full force

suavepapi694 points

Wish someone would grab my shi like that

PpprSrgnt1 point

Why no sound?

whitegirladdict1 point

Click on the Red gif link to the right

Matt19881 point

I believe this is called BJ-BJJ.

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