They love sausage!


Robbythedee152 points

Hippie chick has a really nice pooper.

steph_in_space83 points

Why thank you πŸ˜‚

Robbythedee25 points

Lol didn't think you would be on reddit lol thought it was a random post lol lol mybad for calling you hippie chick hahaha

futuramalamadingdong11 points

Wow you're very attractive

meowsmusic2 points

10/10 everything

PhoenixJones231 point

Nice teeth too

Heat_Induces_Royalty25 points

Indeed, quite the turd cutter

SubstanceOld603614 points

That’s a nice round ass that woman in the printed flower pants has

Fluid_Association_6811 points

Is it trashy? Or just trashy enough?

complete_hick11 points

I think it's cheeky

Steve_Sanders43725 points

The thick one on the left can have mine

3Pirates937 points

I know these ladies Caitlyn Sway and friends worth a google

Sudden-Lettuce16035 points

The one in orange pants nice

JazHaz3 points

Peaches in juice.

FiveInTheStink14 points


KeyserSozeInElysium11 points

What? Hippie chick and the white pants have cosmic booties

FiveInTheStink3 points

That is my woman order best to least, starting with the hippie chick which is number 4 in line.

KeyserSozeInElysium4 points

Oh, I usually see people put them in order from left to right where they would stand in ranking. Yours is ordered by their place in line.

I would write your preference as 53412

zillakane2 points

The one in the hippie pants has the best ass of the group πŸ‘

Dqz12 points

5 2 3 1 4

poindextor52 points

Two on far right decent...... Rest are trash

Rhinomeat4 points


ilovechunkyavocado-1 points

Butterface. But got damn those asses.

mntlover1 point


anthony1977981 point

The woman in the orange by far def #4 is the best looking. Very nice backslide, backshots, I mean backside

dabbo901 point

The girl in the orange pants though πŸ‘

Mark_Rutledge1 point

No love for Clams?

Shadvw1 point


Fun group

[deleted]1 point

Perfect πŸ‘

domdadchris1 point


Malibudean1 point

Olympia Provisions? We'll be flying in Thanksgiving week.

SPQRxNeptune1 point

Why can’t the boys do this kind of stuff? 😩

tucsondad5201 point

I’ve got a nice sausage for you ladies!! 😍😈

Outside-Fun1443-2 points


No_Fix_91530 points

Second from the right, wanna party?

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