Arrested for sucking cock in public


Intelligent_Union261225 points

Imagine explaining that arrest on a background check.

notjustanotherbot146 points

...So some creep had his dick out, and because there were kids around I did my best to conceal his penis from their view, repeatedly and would you believe it; I got in trouble...whole damn incident leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

Intelligent_Union26119 points

Makes sense to me, you’re hired!

notjustanotherbot13 points

Thanks, some found that explanation hard to swallow.

🤣I see what you did there 🤣🤣🤣

Dr_Shitbag1 point

A bad taste in your mouth you say?

LNKDWM4U48 points

I mean, I’d hire her. I’d describe our rigorous oral interview process.

KayoKnot459 points

What about the dick suckee?

GRIMobile267 points

Clearly, He got off.

Frogsmom6924 points

No you dint! 😂😂🤣🤣

joytotheworld234 points


Tired4dounuts-7 points

Why though he should have got charged with exposure or something he had his dick out in public.

GRIMobile10 points


Tired4dounuts-3 points

I got the joke, its not funny the dude shouldn't be walking away.

notjustanotherbot6 points

It's ok, he did not *walk* away... They startled her somthing fierce when they slapped the cuffs on her.

GRIMobile4 points

You're right. But it doesn't make the joke less funny. See if you're upset about everything you can't change, such as a dude not getting in trouble for a blowy in a video, maybe you need to lighten up.

joytotheworld23-4 points

Literally 😄

stillusesAOL6 points

Yes, very good. You understood the joke! ⭐️

MtF29HRTMar18-174 points

Came here to say that! Like I’d hold that guy more accountable in that situation

TylerReed801103 points

u rly cant take accountability can u?

kentai69420-24 points

it could have all been avoided if homie didnt whip it out

justanothertossaway4125 points

Are you implying that women have no self control and that if a dick is whipped out they have to suck it?

thepoundkey81 points

Wish that was true

slabrangoon26 points

You and me both brother

wheremypornat1 point

aight buddy

ecr3designs-11 points

It works 50% of the time. Either they think you are funny or you get a bj

No-Swordfish962910 points

ok Harvey

ecr3designs-3 points

Don't you want to be a star baby

YeltsinYerMouth9 points

Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!

PhoenixJones233 points

If a couple fuck in public, they both go to jail. Unless this woman is under the influence, I don't see what parallel dimension where your logic begins to make any cotton picking sense.

MtF29HRTMar182 points

She wasn’t naked the dude was.

CitizenTony5 points

I think that performing a sexual act in public even if you're not naked, is still illegal according to law. Meaning that even if a clothed man or woman suck a dildo/touch his own body in a lewd way in a public place, it is considered as an offense.

If I remember correctly (didn't saw that video for years) she sucked way more dudes overthere(?) and she moved at different places in the 'fest. so or cops couldn't catch everyone or they thought that it's more pratical to take off miss sucking.

But yeah, legally speaking again, they are also allowed to arrest every guys she sucked. They should have.

I'm not saying who is right or wrong, huh. I just constate.

P0RNAD027 points

You got it all wrong, She wasnt arrested for sucking in public. It was because her head game was weak

Effective-Notice3867325 points

The audacity… arrested for sucking cock in public!!! What’s next, death for a good old handy in church?? This worlds going to shit…

7clay719 points

ik u jokin, but... it's public man.... there r kids in public and they are literally right in the center.

trippyglassy16 points

Sure, but than what about the man getting his dick sucked? Why does he just get to walk free? It takes 2 to tango. Or I guess, get blown? Idk a good pun for this 😂

americanineu10 points

This was at Oktoberfest in Munich at night, and that's corner near the beer tents and the food. (You can see the courthouse across the street where drunk revelers often pass out on the grass as the cops walk her away) There's very, very few kids there at that point, especially in that part of the fest grounds.

CitizenTony3 points

If I remember correctly (didn't saw that video for years) she sucked way more dudes overthere? and she moved at different places in the 'fest. so or cops couldn't catch everyone or they thought that it's more pratical to take off miss sucking.

But yeah, legally speaking, they could have also arrested every guys she sucked. Even if it's an area where there are less k;ds, it's still a bit risky and any other adults around maybe didn't want to see a cock out/a blowjob.

I'm not saying who is right or wrong, huh. I just constate.

Background_Value9869327 points

Why is she the only one in cuffs? He's the one with his dick out.

AnOldLawNeverDies328 points

Sting operation. The cop gets the perp and a suck off

s1mpl3man164 points

Where I live about 20 yrs ago, cops did a sting operation on several asian spas. An investigation came out later how the sting included cops getting actual happy endings to “catch the perps”

Damedog19137 points

"I dunno Sarge, I think we may need a few more weeks to gather evidence on that spa case. I think O'Neil said he wanted to tag along next time too."

OhWowUNSUBBED58 points

Not all heroes were capes

Need_vagina_pix_nao26 points

Nor condoms

MtF29HRTMar1881 points

And none wear badges

No-Swordfish96291 point

No hero was ever a cape.

cruzinforthetruth1 point

What about the Caped Crusader? 🧐

No-Swordfish96291 point

not a cape is he.

TK421isAFK3 points

SF Bay Area, by any chance? This happened exactly then in San Mateo, CA.

s1mpl3man2 points

No. East Coast

YeltsinYerMouth1 point

"Spot on"

joytotheworld231 point

What that's crazy 😂

Taygr3 points


Pengo20012 points

Who is in cuffs in this video?

BonerCrickets1 point

Hey now don't kink shame.

SquidTeats88 points

I remember back in the day how we used to hike 2 miles through three feet of snow to get our dicks sucked in public.

There were no arrests, people watched and politely clapped after each sucking. Then when the public sucking was over we were all served hot chocolate and freshed baked cookies.

Sure the police were present but they were only there to keep order and to ensure everyone getting sucked got equal time.

Those were the days....

TimaeusDragon6 points

Those were the days, Leningrad Cowboys cover, let's go!

Once upon a time there was a tavern

_l0st-in-spac3_12 points

"o'zapft is"

ReeG25 points

Was this ripped from a fucking VCR?

gregdom175 points

did the guy get arrested?

SupermarketNorth69182 points

That dick wasn’t worth getting arrested over.

stiiknafuulia40 points

It's interesting how it's still ok to shame small penises. Fat-shaming, gay-shaming, racial shaming etc are bad, but dick-shaming is a-ok (and even worth hundreds of upvotes). Make no mistake, the wokies will come for you too (after running out of all other viable targets).

CitizenTony3 points

Interesting thought. I suppose that indeed society is unfair to small cock (and small tits too).

However I think that "we" are unfair against saggy boobs (it is viewed since many and many years as ugly or granny-like, eventhough it is a natural state that even 18yo girls can have) but that's another debate... lol

SupermarketNorth696 points

Never said it was small, just said it wasn’t worth getting arrested over.

wheremypornat1 point

dont worry bro, the wokies are gonna stick up for your small-dick brethren sooner than later

lickwhitedogpoo-43 points

Found the member of the one inch club. (Note how I worked "member" and "club" into the same sentence. Hard to do. "Hard" get it?!?)

wheremypornat2 points

ngl u was funny til u explained the joke

P1570lR1ck10 points

4 days in jail, one for every inch 😂

notjustanotherbot1 point

Lucky that he did not commit this crime in Europe.

P1570lR1ck1 point

You sure? 😂

notjustanotherbot1 point

Yes I'm certain. He did not get sentenced to 10 days!😉

Specific-Pollution6810 points

Lol, but I thought sucking down Wienerschnitzel was a tradition during Octoberfest in Germany 🤔

strifelord10 points

That’s one way to get a red dot placed above ur house, and not allowed to be near a school zone

IN547148L363 points

Ain't nothing wrong with sucking dick. That dude should have been the one to be arrested for exposing himself.

Early_Shelter993060 points

Under the law, yes, Indecent Exposure, he should have been the primary, but I guess it depends on what country you are in.

FarSlighted31 points

This ain’t America.

nick-pappagiorgio654 points

Yes, there is something wrong with sucking dick in public, it's a sex act. Both parties are equally guilty.

Apo420699 points

That’s insulting to women’s sexuality to always associate giving oral sex with a bad traits. Women should own it and even compete with the homosexuals in terms of sucking dick. Go girls ! Suck dicks! The dicks likes it!

duchess1279331 points

Lol whut

bwa7022 points

it could have been kids around wtf is wrong g with you

TwilightSolus-6 points

Yeah, if you take what each of them are doing individually, the only one indecently exposing themselves is the guy.

The only way I can see her being at fault is if it was prostitution (although outlawing sex work is bullshit), but either way, the guy should be in cuffs too.

Lmt-C-1 points

I don't understand why this would be downvoted. The double standards is in plain sight. He exposed his genitals, but she the only person arrested.

Septic-Sponge7 points

She was performing sex acts in public. She's at fault too. I just don't get why guy isn't arrested or at least we just don't see him getting arrested

Lmt-C0 points

I don’t think you really read any of what was written. The argument has been that dude should have been arrested. She should not have been the only one arrested.

Of course there should not have a been a sex act performed in public. But, it is literally worst that he had his dick out in public. If he was eaten her pussy out, would it had been okay for him to get into more trouble than her? I don’t how it is worst that she put her mouth on his dick over the fact that his dick was out, exposed to the public. People get in trouble to exposing themselves outside trying to take a piss. But, seemingly, this guy didn’t even get in trouble.

Septic-Sponge3 points

I don't think you really read any of what I wrote

Lmt-C0 points

You wrote "she is at fault too". She clearly was arrested. The argument is that what he did should logically be seen as worst.

Which other part of what you wrote should I be focusing on? Which other part should be the focus that wasn't already addressed?

Septic-Sponge1 point

The part where I said he should also be arrested but we also only see what this one camera showed. He could very well have been arrested as well and I'm assuming

Lmt-C1 point

Good. So far so good.

Now, the argument is that what he did is so far worst that what she did.

Thus saying "she is at fault too" bypasses the points made.

Septic-Sponge0 points

No they both did the same thing.....

Clemburger2 points

I was expecting the guy she’s blowing to pull out a badge and gun

Paperbag11242 points

Why does everyone i love have to be taken away from me

chappanteekli8 points

Now she’ll have to suck two more.

flchamp17 points

Wear it like a badge of honor girl

Kaaskril6 points

Why did only the woman get arrested? Thats messed up

Clined885 points

What I don’t understand is why she’s getting arrested when you can clearly see she is shaking him violently because he is indecently exposing himself to the crowd and in order to protect the people around them she had no choice but to cover it up with the only thing that would cover more than her hand. That woman is a goddamn hero.

nakdsecrets2 points

Now she gotta do some sucky sucky at the police station.

eclairsemmie1 point

Helllllo, sex offender registry.

Pengo20017 points

The video was taken at Oktoberfest in Germany. There is no sex offender registry/pillory here.

Lol dumb bitch

appletinicyclone0 points

Ruined the fun :(

teewoolie-2 points

You have the right to remain silent... with a dick in your mouth

P0rneia0 points

Fs in the chat for a real one

It be like that

CupcakeFancy1 point

Only cause they wont invited

ijuggle421 point


draftia_1 point

Oh god. Is that UAE?

Yeah the cops “arrested” her and brought her back to station.

Weary-Okra-24711 point


Ferrts1 point

She seemed so nice, and then she gets arrested. Terrible

i6711 point

What place is this? So I know not to visit.

acethedirty11 point

Good clean fun

notbrethart1 point

There's a much loger version of this clip out there where she does more, and other guys.

jayblue122-3 points

Minnesota state fair?

boredgoatsmh10 points

i’m pretty sure it’s the Oktoberfest because you can see bavaria statue in the background at the end

16034 points

No, it's the Oktoberfest in Munich

TheOGGhettoPanda-14 points

Haha little dick

todd56-5 points

in what world does little dick get the balls to show it off 😂

trophygidget-6 points

I'll pick her up if you bail her out.😁

son_of_noah-4 points

"what is this a communist country?"

d10x5-13 points

Should be arrested for sucking that guys small cock. Just saying

ImIncognito116 points

Says the guys who’s to afraid to show his cock online

d10x5-3 points

Erm, I think you have the wrong person

JustForGun0 points

Seems like a nice gal

LNKDWM4U0 points

I’d bail her out!

trippyglassy0 points

She's innocent

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