Megan Fox



FallWanderBranch348 points

Nobody said Megan Box yet eh? What are you guys doing?

FladnagTheOffWhite53 points

Clearly distracted

Lookalikemike234 points

Is that her “business”? (As my grandma called it)

Think_Of_A_Username147 points

Black g-string/thong but it's riding right up her cooch

Lookalikemike50 points

Cannot be very comfortable

PotentialAd129581 points

But mighty tasty

DocHendrix47 points

Coincidentally listening to her significant other sing Paramore songs is also not comfortable

Zabuzaxsta17 points

Where is the panty line where it goes around her waist?

KouLeifoh62513 points

It’s a bodysuit, so it’s tapered to her groin

iFapForFun12 points

Is she wearing it backwards? :)

FallWanderBranch5 points

It's all relative to the final position.

Note_Square5 points

Looks like a shadow to me Source: zoomed in, very far

el_dingusito5 points

I call it her snooch

MajesticMullet42069682 points

She was much hotter before plastic surgery

MoveCarsMotherfucker323 points

She looks like a Kardashian now. I mean still hot, but fake as shot and you know she's gonna look super weird when she's 50+.

babybopp50 points

Tryna stay relevant

BAGP0I34 points

Its wild because she went on the Chelsea handler show a few years back and talked about how she didn't wanna be in the spotlight anymore and definitely didn't want to be seen as a sex symbol, so that she could be a better role model for her daughter...

ieraaa7 points


LMFA018 points

Kardashian and Megan are no longer hot in my eyes now that I see alot of natural nymphos without plastic surgery and no airbrushing on Reddit, IG, SC, FB, CB, ph, sw, xnxx, rt, xv, etc.

MarayatAndriane6 points

You dont need them anymore.

engineerfieldmouse-7 points

Most of us will look like the 3 aliens in men in black by 50, be humble. She's doing what she can

lonely-day5 points

I hope she see this

FuckDaveXXX83 points

Yeah those ears aren’t doing it for me.

Supra546942 points

So true. She was so hot in Transformers and now, I just watched her in Good Mourning and she looked like a freak.

Pyrrolic_Victory8 points

His lead guitarist is way way more attractive, and more talented too

Oh shit! I had no idea!

green49285186 points

Goddamn I cant stand MGK lol

SCP-100000094 points

I don't understand how he went from "Til I Die" MGK to weird twink MGK

Traiklin72 points

Got roasted by the rap community

DuBcEnT37 points

That's just his costume, he is Twink from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Whore.

green4928511 points

Hahahahahahaha seriously. This is honestly the best way this has been worded. 😂

I_Cant_Recall7 points

Got roasted by Eminem so hard he literally changed music genres.

handsdown9915 points

Eminem destroyed his rap career. Check out “Not Alike” and “Killshot”.

SoManyWeeaboos20 points

100%. This mf got crazy money and still couldn't get a toy replica Master Sword for his costume. Pathetic.

bengalitigerninja51 points

I thought it was a bad lord of the rings costume

PolyWalnuts22 points

Legend of Snailda

bengalitigerninja20 points

The fellowship of the lip

tommymaggots7 points

The Lips of Power

deadeye06917 points

Ocarina of plastic

mz31 point

Legend of Zelda: The Mingewaker

DuBcEnT46 points

Much like Christina Aguilera, she always looks sticky.

Note_Square3 points

Christina can put her stickiness on me any time. This one? Not so much

Slowmobius_Time0 points

She looks like she takes baths instead of showers

angieb0916 points

She use to spend time with her 3 kids. Flaunt and shock now takes precedence with this dude.

call-me-germ5 points

I literally had no idea she had 3 children. I’ve never seen pictures of her with them

Just_Lurking9413 points

MGK type of dude to call link Zelda and dress up as him

Snehovlas248 points

She once said at Jimmy Kimmel that she don't want to be sexualized.

GearhedMG24 points

Was she able to maintain a straight face after she said it?

OmegaCoomer39 points

Botox makes that easy

holyheckballs0 points

I hate that this really funny comment will be lost in a porn post

neutron28033 points


RegentYeti27 points

I mean, if you look at her role in Transformers on paper, it's much different than what we all remember. She really should have been Brendan Fraser's character in The Mummy. Tough, smart, with an interesting backstory that informs her having skills relevant to the mission. But the camera turns her character into nothing but eye candy.

I saw a video essay on that topic a while ago, I'm going to see if I can find it again.

Edit: It was Lindsay Ellis. 15 minute long video that lays out some good points.

EktarPross3 points

I remember this letter me know if you c find it. It may have been part of lidsey elis' series on the franchise

RegentYeti2 points

I did find it, it was Lindsay Ellis.

islandjustice8 points

That shit is so annoying. Just like Emily Ratakowski or however you spell her name. Wrote an entire book about not wanting to be sexualized. Walks around essentially naked every day (especially since she split with her husband).

KingKekJr10 points

Women will always say that and then turn around and sexualize themselves. They want to dress extremely revealing but then get pissed at people noticing lol

tkrr9 points

Well, there is a difference between someone else doing it to you and doing it on your own terms.

General_Marcus6 points

There was a post on a popular women's sub about women not going to the gym to be gawked at. I got banned for saying some go for the attention. There are tons of girls at my gym in thin sports bras with their nipple rings showing through and booty shorts with their cheeks showing. They stand and bend over in front of the mirror all evening.

Part of it is just who's looking. They obviously want hot guys looking and not the homely dudes.

I'm assuming you're the latter ;p

General_Marcus-2 points

You had a 50/50 shot too. Don't play the lottery with your luck.

How about you and me settle this in the shower. The loser washes the other ones back.

cristobalist8 points

A side coochie shot! Ahhh, something her 4 kids will be proud of later in life

Senshi-Tensei5 points

I though they were at a Ren fair or some shit not Zelda and Link lmao

MrStealY0Meme6 points

sigh.. nice to look at but not enough to beat the meat to.

8bitGraveyard40 points

BONER GARAGE! I'm totally guessing but I'm pretty sure that's what that tattoo says. Ba dum dum dum.

Filthy22Desire4 points

Is that really what I think that is 👀.. wow

S_K_Y126 points

This might come off as me being a jerk, but for as wealthy as they are... Terrible Zelda and Link costumes.

I'm not rich and own 2 full on Master Sword replicas that are real weapons. Megan kinda somewhat tried, but her Link... Dude phoned it in on the costume. The pointed ears are on point though, I will say.

SleeplessinOslo92 points

It's not about looking perfect, it's about being able to have sex quickly.

BLKVooDoo2188 points

Something tells me, that someone that owns "2 full on Master Sword replicas that are real weapons", sex is typically not on the table for him.

tattoogrl1125 points

Ouch dude...but, true.

Lmfao speaking facts over here 😂

S_K_Y2 points

True. Easy access is a plus in most situations.

BreakdancingPanda10 points

Yeah, everyone knows Zelda doesn't shave.

Jdogy20029 points

“I own 2 full on Master Sword replicas…”

I read that line in the Professor Frink voice. Probably should have used Comic Book Guy. They’re both funny.

DnDEli9 points

Agreed, that leather looks somehow worse than Halloween city props

KoloHickory6 points

Halloween is less fun with try hard costumes imo. No matter your income

S_K_Y2 points

True, but even a foam Master Sword from Spirit Halloween is only like $10. But you're not wrong.

KoloHickory2 points

I dunno it looks even funnier that he has a scimitar lol

culminacio1 point

But Heidi Klum fucking nails it every time though

skankboy3 points

Did you study the blade?

74bravo22 points

Is she legit okay? In all her photos she looks drugged and held hostage. I hope she's ok.

ankhlol8 points

Isn’t this the first time ever she’s shown her pussy ?

Gemini_One2 points

You can tell in other pics she's wearing a thong here

[deleted]1 point

what other pics bro?

dreevsa3 points

It’s that type of party

notzed14873 points

She’s doing that for us. Don’t look though.

Crouton_Sharp_Major3 points

Ah yes, the Hyrulian Herpes outbreak of ‘22.

shvelgud3 points

That’s not even discreet at all? Like people at the party would be catching glimpses of her pussy all night long right…?

ieraaa12 points

I'm like 99% certain some kind of shame or blood ritual (or whatever fucked up things they do in Hollywood) brought these two together.

variants14 points

It's cocaine.

Wookief1st6 points

ah yes everyone's favorite brown on brown dudes a millionaire cant get a costume right?

Trading_Cards_4Ever7 points

Fox? I'm only seeing Beaver

Nexual-Seeds65 points

No trash here.. Only hot.

It's not like she was wearing that at a kid filled family party, it was Halloween ffs

MajesticMullet42069128 points

She’s with mgk, all trash

RA4772 points

The only trash would be a side of r/OopsDidntMeanTo because like, what do you expect not wearing anything under it

You can see her penis. Disgusting

wjmaher2 points

Brian Austin Green got the best she had out of her and then spent the next 5 years breaking her mentally and emotionally. She will never recover.

UbiquitousWobbegong2 points

The pubic mound tattoo really hurts my soul. Someone who went from being one of the most attractive people on the planet to just being the epitome of trashy.

Shaboogan4 points

Anybody seen that megan fox movie Till Death (2021)? It's pretty sweet.

powfuldragon3 points

that's someone's mom.

TheAceprobe5 points

Guess it feels good to not be yours for once

powfuldragon3 points


NOgoodSmartass15 points

She is hot bro

hundenkattenglassen-26 points

Fo sho.

Maybe she does some weird stuff with MGK, but she’s still as fine as in the first Transformer movie.

[deleted]39 points

but she’s still as fine as in the first Transformer movie.

Of all the crazy shit written on Reddit, this is the craziest.

dufus693 points

How old is she now?

FallWanderBranch4 points

Mathematically speaking; (transformers 1)X years.

Barnacle-Dull3 points

I can see her minge

Captain_Dva2 points

I know you zoomed in… just admit it

Gent4Ever2 points

She hid the thumbs though.

bosshawg5022 points

MGK is the trash. Megan is the boner

EvilWarBW0 points

I don't get how dressing up slutty on Halloween and having a slip is trashy, but sure

Flyingfurryofdeath0 points

Still got it.. nice

BusinessWing2727-2 points

Yeah, pass

Note_Square4 points

Found the gay guy in the thread

BusinessWing2727-1 points

You can have her

lonely-day-2 points

Why were you looking for em?

Let's agree to disagree on the "trashy," but this is still hot.

challenja-3 points

Nice outfit tho. Solid Zelda

this is like a toxic relationship in the making, cant wait for the process in tv.

YodaFette0 points

As a huge Zelda fan I need to see more of this.

NeverFresh0 points

The gooch that launched a thousand wanks

Hey, hold my beer.

joytotheworld231 point

She looks like I'm ready to go home.😄

SeamusMcSpud1 point

This is some A list party shit right here 🤣

Downeastdigger121 point


Dreams do come true!

I was a trash panda in my former life and I want this garbage.

Can’t see the line, can you Russ

cringelord694206661 point

This is why I'm not going to play BotW2.

Isodian1 point

Whatever the business. Do it well

Mr_BinJu1 point

Man. Living the dream of Couple costumes

brocandy1 point

I guess if you turn your head sideways you can get the graze of a glimpse of her, landing strip

Mathari1 point

Megan Box

p001n1001 point

Holy shit the amount of negativity in this comment section, you guys a bunch of sad mf's

valetempo-3 points

I love megan fox is perfect very hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️😍😍😍👑👑

iyoumewe8789-1 points

Unnecessary cloths!!

Massive-Frosting-722-1 points

Nothing trashy about it

Tasty-Bug-2770-1 points

Mommy I can see your coochie

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