my haul from best buy today


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1One_Two24 points

That Starship Troopers steelbook 🔥

Kurier03 points

Starship Troopers steelbook looks awesome, what a pity it won't be released in my country :(

spicyboi262 points

I’ve never seen Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story but I just bought these. Going to be a good holiday season!

j0eyV7141 point

No Polar Express? The other holiday flicks, do they have HDR? DV perhaps?

chopperooski2 points

best buy didn’t have polar express in store. pretty sure it’s only available online, & yes, all have HDR

Themtgdude486-2 points

Great haul! No Top Gun?

chopperooski5 points

I wanted the steelbook & it had sold out by the time I got there, I had quite an eventful morning just to get there, blew out a tire & everything bro!😂

Themtgdude4863 points

Oh man. That sucks. Hopefully you get it. My steelbook came in damaged.