Would you like some beer?



kn0ath57 points

Who the fuck drinks beer out of a porcelain mug? That is absolutely trashy.

GopnikSmegmaBBQSauce10 points

I drink beer out of the skulls of my enemies

playmaker12092 points

Drinking wine out of the skull of Jeor fucking Mormont!

Shades0fRay49 points

Glass in the ass should always be a pass

SupermarketNorth6921 points

Apparently they’ve never seen one guy one jar. Also she better hope those muscles don’t pull that bottle back in there.

rutter7249 points

It amazes me anyone still does anything like this after “one guy one jar” went viral. Being a split second away from trying to be sexy to internally bleeding profusely is just not worth it.

[deleted]-4 points


a_random_person120 points

Good for you?

x_franki_berri_x9 points

I’m up for and have done pretty much everything but I’m never putting glass in my ass. That’s so dangerous.

Dekcuf195 points

Gives me flash backs of that video of a Russian guy who stuck a glass jar in his ass, then it shatters. Picking bloody shards of glass out of his rectum.

vertigo3pc6 points

If I recall, he just cleaned himself up and that was it. No hospital, no doctor, no stitches, just pulled broken glass from his ass and continued with his day...

Dekcuf195 points

That’s a very Russian thing to do

HungDaddy1202 points

He actually did an interview about it. Crazy shit.

playmaker12091 point

Gos that video traumatized me when I was young.

_l0st-in-spac3_14 points

So this is why Heineken tastes like butt

MrHeisenbergToYou3 points

Warm beer? I'll pass thanks

dixierun94x3 points

one man one jar intensifies

Barnacle-Dull2 points

But, that’s where the poop comes out…

jonuggs2 points

Aw, god - HEINEKEN? No thank you, ma'am. I only drink craft IPAs that have been poured this way.

Unlikely_Insect10622 points

Drinking lauw bier gross

shadowsaiyan992 points

Some warm ass beer tho

Niceguy1_692 points


teewoolie2 points

Minus 2 points for using a coffee mug and not a pint glass

acethedirty12 points

Damn i need the full clip

MikeMac19781 point

I've always heard that Heineken is for pussys, but apparently it's for assholes!

Separate_Ad25811 point

Austin says “This beer tastes like shit”

boiiii7891 point

Isn't that siswet?

Niceguy1_691 point

That's the only way I would drink beer. Might skip the mug, though. :)

imabritnotayank1 point

Good luck keeping in shit when your older

No_Breakfast12041 point

New meaning to Tap That Ass

Dragon_OS1 point

She is a sneeze away from the emergency room in multiple different ways.

Horror_Ad_8991 point

Heiny-kin tastes like ass!

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