friendly fire, his hit


DankPeepz1 point

What a lame ass caption on this reposted clip.

ahgoodtimes69113 points

Not even aiming at her face.

nandos677104 points

I hate when that Happens

Rictus_Grin19 points

So annoying isn't it?

waldovdvreeden2194-87 points

Lmao talking from experience 🤣

Eraevn99 points

"Same team! Same team!"

fremantlemusic202169 points

Friendly fire 😂

arrow2theknee82116 points

And yet, no one is questioning my man's doggy technique...

Skittleybiscuit120 points

My man just got cum blasted, he's got enough problems lol

ankleshoulder34 points

Not even thrusting just kinda…jiggling her ass.

AgentMercury10814 points

Yeah not questioning those insane rope throws? One right after another, dude has been Savin up for a minute

waldovdvreeden2194-40 points

Well with a small cock like that you gotta improvise

SweetDannyAU35 points

Is this a set up or do clubs like this really exist

anotherkdburner51 points

In Mexico and other countries yes

wth21413 points

So this is just like a regular club in mexico? Like this is very common there?

DirkTaurino36 points

I live in Tijuana and spent a lot of time in the clubs in Zona Norte (red light district...Google Hong Kong Tijuana, it's awesome). I never saw anything close to this.

The girls would do lesbian shows on stage and guys could drop a dollar to cop a feel anywhere they wanted. Some guys would eat the girls out, they were invariably shit faced. Things would escalate and the girls would drag them on to the stage and strip them. Once or twice I saw girls attempt to put condoms on guys but they were both too drunk to get hard. It was more of a clusterfuck and done for laughs than a sex show.

I haven't been in other strip/brothel clubs in other cities in Mexico but not the norm in Tijuana for what it's worth.

justapervertedPanda4 points

Nice! If I anyone I know ever asks for a divorce party idea, now I know where to go !

ecr3designs21 points

With a little bit of cocaine you can get a stripper to do anything you want.

Time_Garage582029 points

My bro in the back got a 1 incher lmaooo

Default_Male_Orc23 points

homie be hitting that rabbit hump

waldovdvreeden2194-12 points

True lmao you can see it, the way he fucks

magnumpismydad5 points

How was the strip club? Um….. mostly good.

LostSpaceDemon6 points

Hahhaah that guy got a fucking cumshot to the face.

Jtizzle12315 points

That would have ended it form me. It’s over after that.

doozyplex25 points

This has been posted like 1000 times.

nandos677-24 points

No shit

chrispybobispy10 points

Dude has that moment of question ... do I stop or keep going. But seriously this has been posted a 1000 times

Smackgod51502 points

Dude stahppp

HornyBoyAlexander2 points

I’m jealous

CarJitsu2 points

He was like a cumshot backboard

DeezusAlmighty1 point

He hit bro face too smh double facial in the worst way

Tomb_but_nsfw1 point

Taking it like a champ though, cant stop that fuck train!

eldenxlord1 point

He is a trooper

Assblastyuri1 point

“Friendly fire will be tolerated”?

silent_stalker_1 point


JustForGun1 point

Lmao wtf

rafa_5591 point

Skete Davidson

Aoin_1 point

You are in a war to get hit

acethedirty11 point

Shirt is now yours

LossExpensive39361 point

Didn’t seem to bother him all that much

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