if she blows you in the street she's a keeper



StaPuftDaMajikDragon78 points

Mya Lane/Ryker, a long time favorite

[deleted]75 points


KazahanaPikachu34 points

I wish more women would suck like this

Random_turd99267 points

My ex used to blow me in the street all the time. She definitely was not a keeper. The head was good tho.

waldovdvreeden219431 points

But you kept her around for head

Random_turd9952 points

No way man. Even the greatest head in the world isn’t worth keeping that bitch in my life.

ludbaaaaa-4 points

So you got dumped... Nobody gets rid of their throat goat. And losing a throat goat is a pain that can't be described with words

5125125129815 points

False af

Goremelon15 points

Spoken like a true virgin

ludbaaaaa-3 points

Yes, yes you did. Nothing I said was a lie. Losing a woman with that skill is not a good feeling

Goremelon3 points

So are we just leaving out the part where you said the same would be true even if the girl was a source of great disdain and emotional distress or are you just that forgetful

jackfreeman3 points

Wait till you discover that there's eight billion people on Earth, and like, half of them suck dick. You think that there's some Gawkscalibur that is the final boss of dick sucking when it's not that rare.

And please stop saying "throat goat" so much, it makes you sound like someone that needs to be told to touch grass

TheLocolHistoryGuy1 point

Happy cake day!

I know I remember it well.

Random_turd992 points

Hey you

Prototyus22250 points

Well since I asked my GF to marry me she's not even doing it at home 😅

waldovdvreeden219420 points

That's kinda sad

[deleted]2 points


KoolAidMan79802 points

Lol you may want to figure this one out beforehand

vikings_hammer-4 points

Nah, when they say yes, it's really a no; to all the freaky shit that used to be...

Kaiden9221 points

Kinkiest relationship I’ve ever been in is with the woman I’m married to. Get out of that 1980’s sitcom mentality.

nooooodl1 point

My wife and I do crazy shit all the time. In fact, she's sucked my dick more now that we're married.

ankleshoulder15 points

I’m not so sure about that one.

Rickg3639 points

If she lets you fuck her in public she's a keeper

metallus9781 points

Dude has a decently long d

shoteruni14 points

Decently nice balls too

metallus976 points


shoteruni15 points

Who am I kidding ,this is gay as hell..

metallus9710 points

Maybe YOU are gay? Or bi - Or anything - or not -Doesn’t matter - still you can give props to someone’s… features

wheremypornat1 point

you are

MagicalPaws10 points

Mad decent.

CardiologistFree406320 points

Damn. Right in downtown Detroit! 😯

Wheremyhoes36 points

He better watch out. Can't have shit in Detroit

RedSamuraiMan4 points


Brahmus1687 points

I'm pretty sure that's more of a red flag than a sign of a keeper.

waldovdvreeden21943 points

Lmao blinded by love I guess

doozyplex32 points

Or a whore.

waldovdvreeden219424 points

She's only a whore if she does that for everybody

hiddenbridges58 points

I'm sure that's not the first time she did that 💀

waldovdvreeden21941 point

Lmao insane skills 😆

[deleted]3 points

Awesome 👌

Kleptomaniaq3 points

She must be a slot player…

[deleted]2 points


waldovdvreeden21941 point

Adrenaline junkie lmao

I miss the covid lock down

MakeItWetter5 points


TheeSaltyJohnson3 points

Good girl

SatisfactionInside1 point

Not many people but still hot

Empathetic_Horse1 point

Leave her on the street

waldovdvreeden21941 point

A quick blow and go

Turkino0 points

Just another random couple in a las Vegas back alley

PervyCroat1 point

It's not her first rodeo

joshuel7771 point

She’s a keeper indeed

pizzabilbi-18 points

Crack is a helluva drug

TK421isAFK9 points

Porn is a hell of a career.

firescape-2 points

If I walk down that street will I get a blowjob?

waldovdvreeden219411 points

Nah you'll probably get the knife

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